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Chevrolet Serial Number On Engine Blocks' title='Chevrolet Serial Number On Engine Blocks' />Chevrolet Products. JIMMY BASICS Read Photo 1 L to Rt, 2 Top to Bottom1. Open Hemi chamber, small ports 71. Served as the only head, apparently, for 2. The Chevrolet Corvette C3 was a sports car that was produced by Chevrolet for the 1968 through 1982 model years. Engines and chassis components were mostly carried. After waiting over 6 months to see if Chevrolet was going to allow the new LS6 engine option to be ordered in the roadster as it had been rumored, on 7100. Denotes OverTheCounter Daytona Package. The block casting number is located on the right side passengers side of the engine block below the cylinder head. For sale 427 Big block Chevy engine, just pulled, ran great, complete motor. Engine casting number is 3955270. Serial number on pad by water pump is T0928IT. Price 1,350. 00Availability In stockhttp hIDSERP,5266. Junkyard Engine Spotters Guide Car Craft Hot Rod NetworkBigBlock Chevy Bigblock Chevy engines are easily distinguished from smallblocks by their wide cylinder heads and splayed valves. However, telling a late 396 from. H head below. Compression was established by. The legendary H head open chamber, with large. Great. for performanceNice project car for sure. The 327 is a nice engine so I probably wouldnt do anything about it, unless, as Howard says, it was originally equipped with a 409. How many times have you heard that the days of building a decent engine from the junkyard are over That may have been true during the 80s during the Small. Chevy Camaro Engine Suffix Code help. Some of the Engine Suffix codes were used a number of times. For example suffix code CMJ was used in 1974 on a 350 and in. Decoding VIN Numbers. Vehical Identification Numbers are unique to each car and describe the manufacturer, body style, engine and production number. An example of an engine ID for 1969 might be T0101LO. The first character T would indicate that the engine was a 427 built at the Tonawanda plant. Forged, custom piston shown. D chamber, always with a. Website/emailArchive/cv/newsletters/2015/VIN2/C09.png' alt='Chevrolet Serial Number On Engine Blocks' title='Chevrolet Serial Number On Engine Blocks' />Installed in larger GVW trucks. An accompanying. governor limited rpms to 3,2. Also, a great performer. Engine_Identification_LS3_L77.jpg' alt='Chevrolet Serial Number On Engine Blocks' title='Chevrolet Serial Number On Engine Blocks' />D chamber. Custom piston pictured. Small ports and small chamber. This head was apparently introduced about 1. These 6 engines are the small block Jimmy family. Theoretically, any of the above heads could be installed on any of the. However, the 4. 77 head would be limited in performance by the. The 4. 17 and 9. By noting the photo, it is. H. head would make less compression with the 3. The 2. 19. 48. 19 head. None of. the stock GMC pistons is recommended for a performance engine, due to. Chevrolet Corvette Facts, Production Statistic and Trivia. The 1. 98. 7 Chevrolet Corvette. The 1. 98. 7 Chevrolet Corvette got new roller lifters in the engine giving the engine. A new optional a tire pressure monitor. The tire pressure monitor did not come back until 1. The new Z5. 2 sport handling. Z5. 1 components with the softer base model suspension. The Z5. 2 option included a radiator boost fan and heavy duty radiator, engine oil. Bilstein shock absorbers, larger 1. Both the Z5. 1 and Z5. Z5. 1 or Z5. 2 were ordered. A new option B2. K could be. Vette was shipped to Callaway Engineering in. Connecticut for modifications. This 5. 1,0. 00 option included the addition of twin turbos. The first 4 twin turbos used re worked truck blocks. Vette engine. 1. 23 Callaway coupes and 6. Callaway. convertibles were produced. Production Options and Build Statistics. Total 1. 98. 7 Corvettes Built 3. Total 1. 98. 7 Coupes 2. Total 1. 98. 7 Convertibles 1. Coupe Serial Numbers 1. G1. YY2. 18x. H5. G1. YY2. 18x. H5. Convertible Serial Numbers 1. G1. YYx. 18. 2H5. G1. YY2. 18x. H5. The Vehicle Identification Number also VIN or serial number is stamped on a. Position. Character. Description. 1. 1. US built. 2. G. General Motors Product. Chevrolet Motor Division Vehicle. Y. Type of restraint system. Y. Corvette. 6. 2 or 3. Body Style Number. Two door hatchback style 0. Two door convertible style 6. Manual seat belts. Automatic seat belts. Tuned Port Injection Chevrolet or GM of Canada V8. A check digit that calculates the characters in the serial number and gives it a. H. The model year where 1. Bowling Green, Kentucky. Production Sequence for Coupes and Convertibles. Corvette engines have the last six digits of the VIN stamped on the block after. The date code the engine was manufactured was also cast into. The engine serial number includes a production sequence number starting. Code. Engine. Horsepower. Compression. Transmission. Fuel Supply. Extra features. ZJN. L9. 8 3. 50 cid. V 8. 9. 5 1. Turbo Hydramatic Automatic. Tuned Port Injection. ZLC. L9. 8 3. 50 cid. V 8. 9. 5 1. Manual. Tuned Port Injection. Engine Oil Cooler. ZLB. L9. 8 3. 50 cid. V 8. 9. 5 1. Tuned Port Injection. For Export. ZLA. L9. V 8. 9. 5 1. Turbo Hydramatic Automatic. Download Office Xp Updates. Tuned Port Injection. RPO. Description. Price. Production. YY0. 7. Base Coupe. YY6. 7. Base Convertible. AC1. Power Passenger Seat. AC3. Power Driver Seat. AQ9. Leather Sport Seats. AR9. Base Leather Seats. AU3. Power Door Locks. B2. K. Callaway Twin Turbo. B4. P. Radiator Boost Fan. C2. L. Dual Removable Roof Panels. S. Removable Roof Panel, blue tint. S. Removable Roof Panel, bronze tint. C6. 8. Electronic Air Conditioning. D7. 4. Illuminated Driver Vanity Mirror. D8. 4. Two Tone Paint coupe. DL8. Twin Remote Heated Mirrors convert. FG3. Delco Bilstein Shock Absorbers. G9. 2. Performance Axle Ratio, 3. KC4. Engine Oil Cooler. K3. 4. Cruise Control. MD8. Automatic Trans. MM4. 4 spd, Manual Trans. NN5. California Emission Requirements. UL5. Radio Delete. UM6. AM FM Stereo Cassette. UU8. Delco Bose Stereo System. VB4. Gulf States Export. NA. 3. VD1. European Export. NA. 2. 0. VE1. Japanese Export. NA. 2. 5. V0. 1. Heavy Duty Radiator. VT7. Unregulated Export. NA. 1. 0. Z4. 9. Canadian Export. NA. Z5. 1. Performance Handling Pkg. Z5. 2. Sport Handling Pkg. Z6. A. Rear WindowSide Mirror Defoggers coupe. AX4. European Belt System. NA. NA. C4. 9. Electric Rear Defogger. NA. NA. DD9. Electric Outside Rear View Mirrors. NA. NA. K0. 5. Engine Block Heater. NA. NA. L9. 8. Engine, 5. L V8, TPI. NA. NA. MX0. Auto. Transmission w Overdrive. NA. NA. NM5. Canadian Export Emission Reg. NA. NA. NM8. Export Emission System. NA. NA. QZD. P2. VR1. Steel Belt Radial Tires. NA. NA. T7. 2. Left Rule of Road Headlamps. NA. NA. T8. 9. TailStop Lamp Assembly, European. NA. NA. UD2. AlarmVhile Speed 1. KH. NA. NA. UJ6. Low Tire Pressure Indicator. NA. NA. UK1. Japanese Radio Frequency. NA. NA. UL2. European Radio Frequency. NA. NA. U1. 8. Export Speedometer. NA. NA. VD1. European Modifications. NA. NA. VE1. Japanese Modifications. NA. NA. V7. 0. Front Tow Hook Export. NA. NA. T8. 4. Left Rule of Road Headlamps. NA. NA. Color Options for 1. Interior options for exterior colors are suggested by Chevrolet. Any combination. could be ordered. RPO. Exterior. Interior. Soft Top. Coupe. Conv. Production. 1. 3U. Silver Metallic. GR MG. BK W. 2. 39. 5. 38. U. Medium Gray Metallic. GR MG R. BK W. U. Blue Metallic. B GR. BK W. 1,7. U. Yellow. GR. BK W. U. White. B BR GR MG R S. B S W. U. Black. GR MG R S. BK S W. 3,1. 21. U. Gold Metallic. GR S. BK S. 2. 64. U. Silver Beige Metallic. BR GR. BK. 7. 88. U. Dark Orange Metallic. GR S. BK S. 5. 2. U. Dark Beige Metallic. BK S. GR S. 1. 47. U. Flame Red Metallic. GR S. BK S W. 3,9. U. Bright Red. GR R S. BK S W. 5,0. 43. L. SilverGray 2 Tone. GR MG R. NA. 4. L. GrayBlack 2 Tone. GR MG. NA. 3. 16. L. WhiteSilver 2 Tone. GR MG. NA. 1. 95. L. Lt. Dk. Beige 2 Tone. BR. NA. 4. 47. 0. Color Codes BBlue, BKBlack, BRBronze, CCloth, GRGraphite, LLeather, MGMedium. Gray, RRed, SSaddle, WWhite. The last four RPOs have two paint colors in each. These are two tone paint jobs. RPO. Color. Production. C. Graphite Cloth. NA. 1. 5C. Medium Gray Cloth. NA. 2. 1C. Blue Cloth. NA. 6. 2C. Saddle Cloth. NA. 6. 5C. Bronze Cloth. NA. 1. 22. Graphite Leather. NA. 1. 52. Medium Gray Leather. NA. 2. 12. Blue Leather. NA. 6. 22. Saddle Leather. NA. 6. 52. Bronze Leather. NA. 7. 32. Red Leather. NA. Convertible Top Color Codes. RPO. Color. Production. NA. Black. 4,7. 48. NA. Saddle. 1,7. NA. White. 4,1. 58. Corvette Specifications. Mechanical Dimensions. Feature. Coupe. Convertible. Wheelbase. 9. 6. 2 inches 2. Overall length. 1. Overall width. 7. Overall height. 4. Front tread. 5. 9. Rear tread. 6. 0. Standard Wheel size. Standard Tires. P2. VR 1. 6 or P2. 555. VR 1. 6 SBR. Steering. Front suspension. Single fiberglass composite monoleaf transverse spring with unequal length aluminum. Rear suspension. Fully independent five link system with transverse fiberglass single leaf springs. Brakes. Four wheel power disc. Body construction. Unibody with partial front frame. Fuel tank. 2. 0 US Gal 1. Imp Gal 7. 6 liters. Engine Specifications. Engine. Base Engine RPO L9. Type. V 8, 9. 0 degree Overhead valve. Block. Cast Iron Block with Aluminum Cylinder Head. Displacement. 3. 50 cid 5. Bore Stroke. Compression Ratio. Brake Horsepower. Torque. 3. 45 lb ft 3. Main Bearing. five. Valve Lifters. hydraulic. Fuel Supply. Tuned port induction TPI system.