Wesmosis Windows Xp Sp3 V3.0

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Windows Xp Sp3 Standalone DownloadWesmosis Windows Xp Sp3 V3.0PARVAS Features Fully Updated and Updatable Fully Genuine and passes all WGA checks No CD key Needed Added Service Pack 3 RTM build 5. Added Internet Explorer 7 Added Windows Media Player 1. Fully automatic Installation ss. WPI 6 by Ron integrated Silent apps Installations Only needs 1. MB of ram on fresh install Over a 1. Tweaks to make it stable reliable and fast. The full glass Vista theme and look. VMware Tools automatically installed if you install in Vmware Added Flash For Internet Explorer Added Direct. X Redistributable 9. Wesmosis Windows XP PreSP3 v2. Windows XP SP3 Final Lite v3. Fast Blazing Windows XP Logiciel GRTMHFPP CN Windows XP SP3. Wesmosis Windows XP SP3 v3. At Last. Wesmosis Windows XP PreSP3 v2. March 2. 00. 8 All software included is the latest edition as of April 2. Only the Asian Langueges are removed the restis kept This release is kept to a CD sized ISO so anyone can use it Theme The Vista theme with The boot screen. The logonscreen. The glass vista theme, by windowblinds 6. A wallpaper. The icons The cursors. You can install 3. D Flip by Winflip Low ram useThumnails like in windows vista. Wesmosis Windows Xp Sp3 V3.0' title='Wesmosis Windows Xp Sp3 V3.0' />A tweak to make the icons the size of the vista icons Drivers It Installs every driver you need, the driverpacks are Driver. Pack Chipset. Driver. Pack CPUDriver. Pack Graphics ADriver. Pack Graphics BDriver. Pack LANDriver. Pack Mass. Storage. Driver. Pack Sound ADriver. Pack WLAN Apps added to ss. WPI It has the ss. WPI made by Return of Nights It has the following apps Dot. Net 1. Dot. Net 2. Dot. Net 3. Big Icons. Ccleaner. Firefox 3 Beta 5. Flip. 3d. Foxit PDF Reader. Java Update 6. Limewire v 4. Nero v. 8. 3. 2. 1. NOD3. 2 v. 3. 0. 6. Office 2. 00. 3Power. ISO v. 4. 0. Vista Thumbnail. Tool Tip fix. Tune Up Utilities 2. Torrent v. 1. 6. 1. VLC v. 0. 8. 6d. Extra Windowblinds Skins. Winrar 3. 7. 1Windows Live Messenger Patches and Tweaks Increased TCPIP To 1. Terry Pratchett Neil Gaiman. Uxtheme Patch Enable Set home page Google. Show Drive Letter in front of all drives Enabled Internet Explorer Set Internet Explorer to accept 1. Over a 1. 00 Tweaks to make it stable reliable and fast Installation Only install this operating system onto a freshly formatted partition or hard disk. To install this os from this CD, set your PC in the BIOS to boot from your CD ROM drive. Choose your partion and let the automatic installation do itDownload windows 7 eng Torrents. Recent queriesthe secret life of pets 1. Descargar Peliculas Gratis Latino Mp4. A 1. 7s, family guy season 1 1. Tokudead Kamen Rider Wizard 1. Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children 2. Baka to Test matsuri ova 1 1.