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Greatest Girl Group Songs of All Time Critics Picks. There are few institutions with a prouder legacy within pop music than the girl group. For as long as the Billboard Hot 1. The Chantels and The Bobbettes in the late 5. Fifth Harmony and Little Mix in 2. Over that six decade span of iconic mainstream success, girl groups have often been dismissed, jeered at or all but written out of rock history. But as the years march on, the groups have endured through their fashion, their cool, and most importantly, their songs. To honor that legacy, Billboard will be doing a weeks worth of girl group coverage, starting with our list of the 1. Andrews Sisters and The Chordettes as decided by Billboards editorial staff. For a list of the biggest girl group hits of all time as determined by their Billboard Hot 1. Our list takes us through the many forms the girl group has taken over the last 6. News-reggae-reggaetoday-reggae-today/steel-pulse-dreadtown-reggae-reggaetoday.jpg' alt='Steel Pulse Greatest Hits Torrent' title='Steel Pulse Greatest Hits Torrent' />So, so you think you can tell Heaven from hell Blue skies from pain Can you tell a green field From a cold steel rail A smile from a veil Do you think you can tellSteel Pulse Greatest HitsSpector to Motown to disco to freestyle to R B to Girl Power to TRL to K pop to X Factor but always keeps the emphasis on the sparkling, life affirming and truly timeless music. Cara Mendownload Wifi Di Laptop. Before we get counting down, though, a word about how we defined the term girl group. For a group to be included here, it had to be all female, it had to have at least three members, and it had to be primarily vocal in nature In other words, no groups that present mostly as bands, with the emphasis just as much on their instruments as their singing. So you wont see artists like The Go Gos or HAIM on this list just like you wouldnt see The Cars or Vampire Weekend on our list of boy bands. Lets be clear If your favorites arent on this list, its not because we forgot to consider them. Steel Pulse Tribute To The Martyrs Tribute To The Martyrs1979 please subscribe to my channel and email newsletter for more playlists and cool vibes. Now that thats out of the way, its time to get together with your best friends, put on your finest matching outfits, and check out our 1. Find a Spotify playlist of the whole list at the very bottom. The Paris Sisters, I Love How You Love Me 1. The real life sibling trio The Paris Sisters hit No. Billboard Hot 1. 00 in 1. I Love How You Love Me, produced by a pre Wall of Sound Phil Spector. I/51WBEH0ZSRL._SR600%2C315_PIWhiteStrip%2CBottomLeft%2C0%2C35_PIAmznPrime%2CBottomLeft%2C0%2C-5_PIStarRatingFOUR%2CBottomLeft%2C360%2C-6_SR600%2C315_SCLZZZZZZZ_.jpg' alt='Steel Pulse Greatest Hits' title='Steel Pulse Greatest Hits' />The songs gentle, heavenly guitar picking is augmented by restrained backing harmonies and austere strings, and the whole composition could seem oppressively wholesome if not for the aching sexual longing Priscilla Paris injects into the words squeeze me, tease me, please me just before the song fades out. JOE LYNCH9. 9. Wilson Phillips, Impulsive 1. Mzc1WDUwMA==/z/YygAAOxyVLNS-0Mj/$_3.JPG?set_id=2' alt='Steel Pulse Greatest Hits Song List' title='Steel Pulse Greatest Hits Song List' />The only one of second gen supergroup Wilson Phillips first four singles not to go to No. Hot 1. 00 petering out at No. Impulsive was nevertheless a gem, marrying Belinda Carlisles wistfulness with Tina Turners blunt pop force for one of the most undeniable radio singles of its era. Plus, if theres a better summation of the classic girl group ethos than Wanna be impulsive, reckless, and lose myself in your kiss, we havent heard it in the years since. ANDREW UNTERBERGER9. L. A. X. Gurlz, Forget You 2. Before Cee Lo Green made the song title famous with a much more bitter message to an ex, these one single wonders Forget You was L. A. X. Gurlzs only release as a group dished one heck of a catchy moving on anthem. Their sassy lyrics, backed by a synth pop beat, help mend any broken heart, right down to its final declaration of independence And thats the story Now you know how I feel Thats all I gotta say. TAYLOR WEATHERBY9. BWitched, Cest La Vie 1. If you couldnt tell from the Irish jig breakdown toward the end of their debut single, Bitched hailed from the Emerald Isle but the lyrics to their lone crossover hit, which slyly nod to adolescent sexual experimentation, are universal. Cheatbook your source for Cheats, Video game Cheat Codes and Game Hints, Walkthroughs, FAQ, Games Trainer, Games Guides, Secrets, cheatsbook. A BFG is a piece of personal artillery used by an individual and chiefly defined by its, well, its incredible bigness. BFG in this definition stands for. Thanks largely to bigbudget Hollywood features Thor Ragnarok, Aquaman and Pacific Rim Uprising, last year was the biggest ever for the Australian film and. 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The British trio brought a Spice Girls gone disco vibe with their four initial singles, and after slowing things down a notch with Follow Me, Atomic Kitten introduced their first quasi ballad with the captivating Whole Again showing a different side of the usually upbeat group. The U. K. chart topping smash quickly proved a perennial, as fellow European girl group Play covered it just a couple years later, even bringing out the tracks passion a little more. T. W. 9. 5. The Exciters, Tell Him 1. Tell Him was certainly the right song to give to a group called The Exciters, each string stab and rushed chorus exhortation sounding like the product of a frenzied mind and rbeat skipping heart. The sentiment and delivery were enduring enough for a 2. SNL sketch to adapt the songs forthcoming refrain to advise a more misleading approach Tell him. A. U. 9. 4. The Pointer Sisters, Automatic 1. Electro proved the Pointer Sisters calling, singing made to order soul over brittle drum machines and swooping disco synths that werent pretending to be anything else. Its hard to imagine a dance pop act nailing some of their biggest hits on their tenth album today, but the Pointers were absolute machines by 1. Sister Ruths gender bending contralto flowing out of the plasticine six minute epic Automatic to counter that sparkling five note bleep of a hook. Latter day disco culture needed both, as youd imagine, and everything on the spectrum in between. DAN WEISS9. 3. Apollonia 6, Sex Shooter 1. Princes mid 8. Purple Rain cast mates. Apollonia 6s Sex Shooter, performed by the trio in the film, was a frothy jam of lust and abandon worthy of The Purple One, Apollonia declaring, I need you to get me off Im your bomb getting ready to explode, but saying far more with each ecstatic woah oh woahhhh A. U. 9. 2. Little Mix, Move 2. The U. K. pop quartet has released its fair share of should been bigger singles, but none more combustible than Move, the lead single from sophomore LP Salute. Rhythmic without sacrificing its smarts, the song deserved to dominate both sides of the Atlantic. J. Lipshutz. 91. Richgirl, He Aint Wit Me Now Tho 2. As fearless a debut single as a girl group has released, producer Rich Harrison coming out guns blazing with the kind of pounding piano and shredding strings youd hear on a Kubrick score, setting the stage for Richgirl to kick down the door with their storming, Get Me Bodied worthy vocal strut. Unsurprisingly it flopped no Top 4. Rich. Girl disbanded before their debut LP, but decades from now this thing will still be a stunner, the sound of a girl group marching down your back in painfully sharp high heels. A. U. 9. 0. The Supremes, Love Is Like an Itching in My Heart 1. The most underrated single of The Supremes classic run, a near Northern Soul swing built around a tensely rumbling bass line, honking guitars, and bells as sublime as only Holland and Dozier could make em ring. Diana Ross is still the MVP, though, yelping and cooing at the songs center as she sings in ecstatic frustration about that itch she just cant scratch Get up in the morning and Im filled with desire No, I cant stop the fire Loves a real live wire. A. U. 8. 9. 3. LW, Playas Gon Play 2. Turn of the millennium girl group 3. LW are best remembered today for the sighing top 4. No More Baby Ima Do Right, but the superior jam mightve been follow up Playas Gon Play, an airtight production with a knocking beat that fizzes delectably but unpredictably.