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InstallerReferenceIssueMicrosoftSilverlightInstaller Reference Issue Microsoft SilverlightMicrosoft AutoUpdate makes sure your copy of Office will always be uptodate with the latest security fixes and improvements. If you are an Office 365 subscriber. Using the Microsoft Web Platform Installerby Chris Sfanos. Introduction. The Microsoft Web Platform Installer Web PI makes it easy for you to download, install, and keep up to date on the latest software components of the Microsoft Web Platform for development and application hosting on the Windows operating system. Web PI does the work of comparing the newest available components across the Microsoft Web Platform against what is already installed on your computer you can see what is new and what you havent yet installed. You can use Web PI to learn more about different components and install one or more components in a chained installation, with Web PI handling reboots and logging failures where applicable. The currently available software components include Microsoft Web. Matrix, Internet Information Services IIS, the latest versions of PHP 5. PHP 5. 3, Microsoft SQL Server 2. R2 Express, the Microsoft. NET Framework, and Microsoft Visual Web Developer 2. Express Edition with Service Pack 1. Web PI also provides an interface to the Windows Web App Gallery, a community driven hub of the most popular open source and community Web applications that run on Windows. Microsoft Silverlight library, learning resources, downloads, support, and community. Evaluate and find out how to install and use Silverlight. Home of the Microsoft ASP. NET development community. Download Visual Studio, post to the forums, read ASP. NET blogs and learn about ASP. NET. Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Service pack 1 fail to install can some one help me and Security Updatefor Microsoft Zvisual Studio 2010 kb2542054 Can some one help. Tell me about the issue and Ill help you find the solution you need. Accessible from anywhere through the Microsoft Web Platform site, the Windows Web App Gallery provides a streamlined way for users to explore, discover, and install Microsoft ASP. NET, PHP, and other types of Web applications for the Windows operating system, providing Web developers with access to millions of Web users worldwide. The Windows Web App Gallery lets developers submit their own applications for inclusion once accepted, a Web application can appear in Web PI for anyone to download. OixEck0VA/Sghd2hQXWqI/AAAAAAAAAEA/WOrqphBzE9Q/w1200-h630-p-k-no-nu/Silverlight%20-%20did%20it%20or%20didn%27t%20it_thumb%5B3%5D.png?imgmax=800' alt='Installer Reference Issue Microsoft Silverlight' title='Installer Reference Issue Microsoft Silverlight' />System requirements for Web PI include an Internet connection and one of the following supported operating systems Windows Server 2. R2 or Windows Server 2. Windows Server 2. Service Pack 2 SP2Windows Vista Service Pack 2 SP2Windows XP Service Pack 3 SP3Windows 7. Web PI for Hosters. Web PI can help in the following scenarios Building reference machines used for the creation of images for dedicated or virtual dedicated offerings. Building the Web Server reference machine for a shared hosting environment. Updating existing machines with the latest components. Deploying an internal development or testing environment. Referring customers to use Web PI to setup their own dedicated machines or local environments for development and testing before deploying to hosted environments. Web PI for Web Hosting Customers. Certified Management Accountant Cma Program Requirements here. Web PI can help in the following scenarios Deploying a development environment with the entire Web Platform stack of components. KB/LightSwitch/LightSwitchWalk/image_thumb_28.png' alt='Installer Reference Issue Microsoft Silverlight' title='Installer Reference Issue Microsoft Silverlight' />Includes the latest Web, database, and development tools and technologies. Updating the development environment with the latest components. Install the Web Platform. Web PI automates the discovery and installation of the Microsoft Web Platform, which includes the Web Server, Frameworks and Runtimes, Database, and Tools sections. In version 3. 0, the Microsoft Web Platform also installs the latest 5. PHP. Download Web PI. Web. PI starts up on the Spotlight tab, where we highlight products and applications that we think will be the most interesting for our users. Figure 1 Web. PI Spotlight tab. Web. PI seperates the components you can install into two main categories Products and Applications. Major Upgrade Installshield 2011. In the Products tab, you will find all the components you need to build and maintain your web sites. The Applications tab is home to our wide collection of open source applications that you can use as a great starting place for developing your sites. The Products tab shows the four main components Server, Frameworks, Database and Tools. Figure 2 Products tab. Server. The Internet Information Services IIS Web server ships in the Windows client and server operating systems, providing a secure, easy to manage Web platform for reliably hosting rich Web applications and Web services. As of the IIS 7. 0 release which shipped in Windows Server 2. IIS began using its new extensible architecture to release free Web extensions, such as the Web Deployment Tool and Database Manager. Microsoft fully supports these extensions for the lifetime of the operating system and also has plans of localizing the extensions for international customers. INDEX.31.png' alt='Installer Reference Issue Microsoft Silverlight' title='Installer Reference Issue Microsoft Silverlight' />Web. PI currently installs the latest IIS release version 7. Windows Server 2. R2. Also included in Web. PI is IIS Express 7. IIS Express makes it easy to use the most current version of IIS to develop and test websites. It has all the core capabilities of IIS 7. It doesnt run as a service or require administrator user rights to perform most tasks. IIS Express works well with ASP. NET and PHP applications. Multiple users of IIS Express can work independently on the same computer. Web PI simplifies the discovery and installation of Web server components by Automatically configuring the IIS Web server components that ship in Windows. On Windows 7 and Windows Vista, the Web server components are Optional Windows Components. Optional Windows components are part of the Windows installation but are not activated until the user explicitly goes through the process of activating the IIS Windows feature. Likewise, with Windows Server 2. Windows Server 2. Server Manager to install the Web Server role which installs IIS. With Web PI, setting up the Windows components involves selecting a single product entry. Automatically discovering IIS Extensions that ship on the Web. The IIS team ships extensions that expand the management and runtime capabilities of the IIS Web server and applications hosted on IIS. Users can select from the IIS Web extensions that appear alongside the IIS components that ship in Windows. This integration makes it easy to find and install the Web extensions that the IIS product team delivers on a quarterly basis. To see all the IIS components available for installation, just search for IIS or to install the recommended set, search for and install the IIS 7 Recommended Configuration. Figure 3 Searching for IIS components in Web. PIYou can learn more about the IIS extension by double clicking the extension name. For example, on the details page for an IIS component, you can learn more about what the extension does before installing it, and there are links to even more detailed descriptions. Figure 4 More information on the IIS FTP Publishing Service 7. Frameworks. The Frameworks section provides developers with programming frameworks for application development. Figure 5 Frameworks. Web Pl 3. 0 currently installs the latest community PHP 5. PHP download page. Web PI installs PHP along with the following optional PHP components Web PI also installs ASP. NET MVC 3. 0. ASP. NET is a powerful framework for building dynamic Web applications. As a programming framework, ASP. NET is adaptable to a wide variety of projects and development styles. ASP. NET is part of the. NET Framework, and when coding ASP. NET applications developers have access to the entire. NET Framework. The Model View Controller MVC extension enables users to build MVC applications by using the ASP. NET framework. Database. The Database section includes the SQL Server tools for application development and management. Citas Bibliograficas Segun Manual Apa here. SQL Server 2. 00. R2 is a complete database engine providing ease of use and manageability for running high performance Web applications. You can select SQL Server 2. Express SP1 for a flexible runtime environment for database programming. SQL Server 2. 00.