Connect Ps3 Controller Via Bluetooth Windows 7

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Connect Ps3 Controller Via Bluetooth Windows 7' title='Connect Ps3 Controller Via Bluetooth Windows 7' />How to Use a PS3 Controller on a PC. This wikiHow teaches you how to connect a PS3 controller to a Windows PC with the help of the SCP toolkit program. Turn on your. FYI, latest PS3 controller can be connected and used in windows. It just need to be installed. Ways to Sync a PS3 Controller. Root your device. In order to connect a PS3 controller to your Android, the Android will need to be rooted. This means you have root access to the system files, which is locked for most devices. Hirens Boot Disk 9.9'>Hirens Boot Disk 9.9. The rooting process is complex and different for every device. Gaining root access is only recommended for advanced users, and has the potential to brick your device. Open the Play Store. Once you have root access, you can install the app that will allow you to pair your PS3 controller with your Android device. Search for sixaxis. Tap the Sixaxis Compatibility Check app. Tap Install and then Open. The Open button appears after installation is complete. Tap the Start button. If the app is able to gain root access and initialize your Bluetooth, youll be able to install the Sixaxis Controller app and pair your controller. Download the Sixaxis Pair Tool for PC. Youll need this program for your first pairing in order to determine your controllers MAC address. This program is only available for Windows. You can download it here. Connect the PS3 controller to your PC via USB. Plug the PS3 controller into any available USB port on your computer and allow Windows to install any default drivers. Run the downloaded setup program. You can leave the settings at their defaults. How to Sync a PS3 Controller. This wikiHow teaches how to connect your PS3 controller wirelessly to your PS3, as well as use it to play PC, Mac, and Android games. Run the Sixaxis. Pair. Tool program. Youll find this in your Start menu after installation is complete. Click Yes if prompted by Windows. Leave the window open with the MAC address displayed. Youll need to change this in a moment, so leave the window open. Return to the Play Store on your Android. You should still see your search results. Purchase the Sixaxis Controller app. This app requires a purchase, which is why you should run the compatibility test first. Tap Install after purchasing. Download Voter Id Card Bihar. Tap Open after installation is finished. W0t65_MwWE/hqdefault.jpg' alt='Connect Ps3 Controller Via Bluetooth Windows 7' title='Connect Ps3 Controller Via Bluetooth Windows 7' />Connect Ps3 Controller Via Bluetooth Windows 7Tap Pair Controller. Type the MAC address displayed on your Android into Sixaxis. Pair. Tool on your PC. Type the address you see on your Android screen into the Change Master field in the Sixaxis. Pair. Tool window. Click Update. This will change the MAC address of your PS3 controller to match the master address of your phone. Disconnect the controller from your computer. Press and hold the Play. Station button for 2 seconds. This will turn on the controller and sync it with your Android. Look for the solid indicator light on the controller. Configure your controller in game. If the Android game you are playing supports gamepads, youll be able to use your newly paired controller. You may have to configure the controller before using it.