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APCUPSD User Manual. Adam Kropelin. Kern Sibbald. Apcupsd is a UPS control system that permits orderly shutdown of your. May 3. 1, 2. 01. 6 1. This manual documents apcupsd version 3. Copyright 2. 00. Adam Kropelin. Copyright 1. Kern Sibbald. Copying and distribution of this file, with or without modification. Apcupsd. the copyright notice, and this notice are preserved. Apcupsd source code is released under the GNU General Public License. Please see the file COPYING in the main source directory. For more information on the project, please visit the main web site. No person should rely on the contents of the APCUPSD Manual the manual. APC Technical Support. The manual is provided on the terms and understanding that the authors, contributors and editors are not responsible for the. The the authors, contributors and editors, expressly disclaim all and any. Without limiting the. This is the manual for apcupsd, a. PCIVEN8086 drivers download for Windows XP,Vista,7 8. This list of touchdevices has been built up over the years as we have investigated previous support queries. The list shows the monitor or system that uses a. Quickar Electronics, Inc. ICs. UPSes Uninterruptible Power. Supplies made by American Power Conversion Corporation APC. If you have an. APC made UPS, whether sold under the APC nameplate or OEMed for example, the HP. Power. Trust 2. 99. A, and you want you get it working with a computer running. Fender Guitar Serial Numbers Search'>Fender Guitar Serial Numbers Search. Linux, Unix, or Windows, you are reading the right document. This manual is divided into parts which increase in technical depth. If you have just bought a state of the art smart UPS. USB or Ethernet interface, and you are running a current. Red Hat or SUSE Linux, then apcupsd is. Basic. Users Guide. If your operating system is older, or if you have an old fashioned. UPS, youll have to read about serial installation see. Installation Serial Line UPSes. If you need more. Panasonic Base System Device Driver Windows 7' title='Panasonic Base System Device Driver Windows 7' />K Us Equipment, Inc., 30 Janis Way, Ste F, Scotts Valley, CA 95066 Phone 831 4619230, Fax 831 4619236 Contact www. Contact www. kandus. Panasonic-KX-MB2000-5.png' alt='Panasonic Base System Device Driver Windows 7' title='Panasonic Base System Device Driver Windows 7' />UPS setup youll need to read the sections on. Finally. there are a number of technical reference sections which. You should begin by reading the Quick Start see Quick Start for. Beginners instructions. On current hardware and software getting it. The following is a help guide to the steps needed to get apcupsd. Check to see if apcupsd supports your UPS and cable see. Supported UPSes and Cables. Check to see if apcupsd supports your operating system see. Supported Operating Systems. Plan your configuration type see Choosing a Configuration. Type. If you have just one UPS and. All Windows 10 preinstalled PCs listed below are tested for Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. There are some important matters and restrictions. Android is a mobile operating system developed by Google, based on the Linux kernel and designed primarily for touchscreen mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. If you have more than one machine being. UPS, or more than one UPS supplying power to. Figure out if you have one of the easy setups. If you have a USB. UPS, and a supported operating system and you want to use one UPS. APC supplies the cable. UPS along with the UPS. All you need to do. USB subsystem is working see USB. Configuration if so, you can go to the build. If you have a UPS designed to communicate via SNMP over. Ethernet, that is also a relatively easy installation. Details. are provided in Support for SNMP UPSes. If you have a UPS that communicates via an RS2. C serial. interface and it is a Smart. UPS, then things are relatively simple. If you have a vendor supplied cable, find out what cable type. A, stamped in the plastic. If you dont have a vendor supplied cable, or your type is not. Cables. Here is hoping you are good with a soldering. Now you are ready to read the Building and Installing see. Building and Installing apcupsd. If you are. installing from an RPM or some other form of binary package, this. Tweak your etcapcupsdapcupsd. Often it. will not be. Change the BIOS settings see Arranging for Reboot on. Power Up on your computer. This is not the default. To verify that your UPS is communicating with your computer and. Testing see Testing. Apcupsd section. If you run into problems, check the apcupsd users email list. This is an excellent resource with. See. http sourceforge. If you still need help, send a message to the apcupsd users email. Read the manual section on Monitoring and Tuning your UPS. UNIX like operating systems as well as several. Windows. Due to lack of API standardization, USB support is not. See Platform Support below for details. In general it is recommended to obtain a prebuilt package for your platform. Given how apcupsd must integrate into the shutdown mechanism of the. In. some cases, binary packages are provided by the apcupsd team Red. Hat. Mandriva, Su. SE, Windows, Mac OS X. For other platforms it is recommended to. Sims Hot Date Dowloand. Note that some vendors continue to distribute. These packages should not be. LINUXWINDOWSWindows NT 4 24Windows 9. ME2. 00. 0 24Windows XPVista including 6. Windows Server 2. Windows 7 2OTHERSapcupsd supports nearly every APC brand UPS model in existence and enough. The UPSTYPE lt keyword field is the value you will put in. UPS. you have. Well describe the possible values here, because theyre. UPSs single most important interface. The apcsmart protocol uses an RS2. APC calls this language UPS Link. Originally. introduced for Smart UPS models thus the name apcsmart, this. UPS is in decline, rapidly being replaced in APCs product. USB and MODBUS UPSes. Jabber Folder Locker. A USB UPS speaks a universal well defined control. USB wire. Most of APCs lineup now uses this method. The most recent APC UPSes support only a. USB interface. MODBUS see below is required. This is the keyword to specify if you are using your. UPS in Slave mode i. UPS, but to another machine which is, and it is connected to. Master via an ethernet connection. You must have apcupsds. Network Information Services NIS turned on for this mode to work. SNMP UPSes communicate via an Ethernet NIC and. Simple Network Management Protocol. A dumb or voltage signaling UPS and its computer. RS2. 32. C. serial connection. Not much can actually be conveyed this way other than. Voltage signaling UPSes are obsolete you. If you. have a choice, we recommend you avoid simple signalling UPSes. PCNET is an alternative for SNMP available on APCs. AP9. 61. 7 family of smart slot modules. The protocol is much simpler. SNMP. modbus. MODBUS is the newest APC protocol and operates over RS2. USB. MODBUS is APCs replacement for the aging apcsmart aka UPS Link. MODBUS is the only way to access detailed control and status. SMT series UPSes. There are three major. The first is a standalone. UPS, which powers a. This is the most common configuration. If youre. working with just one machine and one UPS, skip the rest of this. Your choices become more interesting if you are running a small. Under those circumstances, it may not. UPS with every single. The second type of configuration is the NIS Network Information. Server server and client. In this configuration, where one UPS. UPS. Note that NIS is not related to Suns directory service. NIS or Yellow Pages. The third configuration is where a single. UPSes. In this case, there are several. UPS. One instance of apcupsd will run in standalone mode, and. This type of configuration may be appropriate for large server. Here is a diagram that summarizes the possibilities If you decide to set up one of these more complex configurations. Apcupsd supports USB connections on all major operating systems. Linux, Free. BSD, Open. BSD, Net. BSD, Windows, Solaris, and Mac OS X. Darwin. If you plan to use a USB connection, please read the. You can skip this section. UPS has a serial RS2. C or Ethernet interface or if you. Problem. Linux 2. RH 9, RHEL 3. do not bind the USB device to the proper driver. This is evidenced. UPS correctly but it will have. This affects RHEL3. Workaround. Upgrade linux kernel to 2. Alternately. you apply the linux 2. USB reject. patch patches to your kernel and rebuild. These patches can be found in the examples directory in the. Problem. Mandrake 1.