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Get the latest breaking news across the U. S. on ABCNews. com. Food, Spa, Night Life, S. E. X are the other side of BALI Indonesia. This blog covers some of my experiences or others in the venues or sites. Its just get STARTED Find gay service providers including gay personal trainers, assistants, household help, masseurs, handymen, house sitters, dog walkers, models and other gay business. Gay Bali Driver' title='Gay Bali Driver' />A driver who ran a red light hit a young woman in an intersection Tuesday evening in Montreal. POLICE in Bali have called on four Kerobokan prison escapees, including an Australian man, to surrender or face being shot if they resist arrest. The driver of a daycare minibus has lost her job after police caught her using her cellphone behind the wheel in Surrey. There was one child from Creative All Stars. Seminyak-4.jpg' alt='Gay Bali Driver' title='Gay Bali Driver' />Surf Spots. Hi Bob, things are not going as well as I expected in the surf of Bali on my SUP. Everywhere I go these stupid short boarders keep hassling me, and calling me a hopeless wave hog, and then they all try and tell me to go in and surf the lagoon., Lagoon I dont get it I think they are only jealous of me because I am always on the wave before they are, plus I think they are also jealous of me because I can paddle out the back fast enough just in time to get the next set wave as it comes through which I always take. Craftsman Garage Door Opener Manual Keypad. But its not always that easy Bob, because when I get hit by any sizable whitewater on the way back out, I sometimes get washed into the rocks on the inside. Another thing Bob, is I didnt realize how hard it was control my SUP in some of those waves, as they seemed to have much more power than my waves at home, and some of those crowds can be heavy at times on that main peak, and when I lost grip of my SUP every time I got caught inside with those other short boarders a few of them got clobbered by my SUP LOL Another thing too Bob is that these shortboards idiots try to tell I dont have the experience to be hustling or even claiming all for the best sets in the main peak, Experience HA, Id like to see those morons cart this SUP up and down the cliff and do rad turns that send Rooster Tail sprays off my paddle, and experience, double HA I had the experience to get all the waves didnt I I did meet some other cool SUP guy who seemed nice, but he told me to settle down and mellow out and to try to get a few quiet waves down the end section away from the crowd, even though he was a nice guy ,I reckon he was real pussy not to take on the main peak like I did., Anyway Bob i reckon if we team up together, we can even take over Ulus and all the breaks all for ourselves those stupid shortboarders wont stand a chance. Cheers bro SUPs 4 EVA,Ps other than my surf hassles Bob, Bali has been a real Blast, its been by far my best holiday ever, and the locals here are the coolest and friendliest people ive ever met except for the ones out in the surf who didnt understand that I had more rights to the best waves on my SUP than they did because Im the one spending the money here., oh well, you cant please everyone can you A Gravenhurst woman has died following a collision between a car and a CN Freight train in Colborne, Ont. The island of Bali has locations which work in the Dry Season and the Wet Season. The dry season is the peak surfing season and it typically runs from May.