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Driver Easycap Mac Software' title='Driver Easycap Mac Software' />Using Easy. CAP to Grab VHS and Consoles on the Mac. The Easy. CAP video grabbing gizmo is cheap to buy, almost everywhere and adds a really useful functionality to your computer. Better yet, it works perfectly on Yosemite to allow you to capture game consoles, VHS video, DV tapes, etc., directly into your Mac using MP4. The Easy. CAP DC6. If you have a ton of old video tapes or have some old video game consoles you want to grab walkthrough videos from, this is one of the very best cost effective ways to do that. In this article we show you how to get set up and a few tips on how to configure the sound and video for the best performance. For this test we will be using an old Ms Pac Man video game we found in the drawer. Cap Made Easy. The Easy. CAP is a USB device with video and audio input sockets to capture and store video on your computer. First, you need to go get the driver for Mac OS X, and that can be obtained here. Installing the hardware is easy just plug it into an available USB slot. This needs to be a powered slot, so no dumb USB 1. Install and run the driver from the downloaded file, and if you havent plugged your Easy. CAP into the computer, you will be advised to do so. Now all you have to do is plug the yellow composite Video Out of your device to the yellow video plug on the Easy. CAP. Configuring Easy. CAPIf it were that simple, then you could get started right away, but there are a couple of extra steps before you can play and record. First, you have to set the video standard. This test was conducted in a PAL country, the UK, but your mileage may vary. If you get a weird picture which seems black and white, fuzzy and weirdly offset on the screen, then its likely your video standard is not right. You will spot the right one, even if you dont know what your local standard is just select one after the other and the screen will pop into colour when you have the right one. HTB1GPEIHVXXXXXdXpXXq6xXFXXXt/No-driver-capture-card-USB-2-0-Easycap-Video-TV-Tuner-DVD-VCD-VCR-MP3-4.jpg' alt='Driver Easycap Mac Software' title='Driver Easycap Mac Software' />Download EasyCAP DC60 Driver for free. Linux device driver for the EasyCAP Model DC60. Mac Red Hat Linux. A lightweight, low latency, high performance driver application that was developed in order to provide Mac OS X support for the EasyCap DC60002 device. Using EasyCAP to Grab VHS and Consoles on the Mac. Mac OS X. Im not the developer of this software I just reviewed the. Easy Cap Nodriver Capture Card USB 2. Video Adapter with Audio for Win7 Win8 Mac Os X. ShunYouTong. 206 thoughts on EasyCAP drivers for Windows 8. The driver and software I received with my Easycap capture device. Is it working on Mac Reply. Graham says. Easycap usb 2 0 driver. Mac Microsoft Office and top productivity alternatives Best Security Software for Windows and Mac Best online. EasyCapViewer for Mac Free Download High performance, low latency driver for the EasyCap DC60. Download the latest versions of the best Mac apps at MacUpdate4. IDSERP,5114. 1Easycap Usb 2 0 Driver Mac for Mac Download. Install Spy Alarm Motorcycle more. IOXperts USB WebCam Driver, Apple Mac OS Update 9. Mac OS X Update, and many more programs. The next thing to set is the deinterlace. Old time video signals were interlaced, which doubled the amount of lines available by interlacing two frames and flicking rapidly between them. The downside to this was that it made the screen flicker. These days we use progressive scan. You can combine the two images for smooth ish progressive images using the deinterlace setting. This is just trial and error on a case by case basis. Download the latest EasyCAP device drivers Official and Certified. EasyCAP drivers updated daily. Download Now. Just try each one to see which is the best fit. Finally, on the video side, you have to choose the source. This is effectively a choice between composite and SVHS or S video. S video is a small 4 pin DIN connector, and you will only find these on certain video cards and S VHS recorders, so for the most part you will be using the yellow composite video in. Sound is a separate issue. You can plug the sound into the white lead for mono or the white and red leads for stereo, but this didnt work too well with the little Ms Pac Man for some reason, so in the end we added a small USB sound card like this one and a phono to a 3. The cheap audio on the Ms Pac Man was really high, so we had to adjust the audio input which is available in the Settings Sound section of the Mac Settings app. Recording. Once you have a decent level on the sound, and you have the picture coming into the Easy. CAP clearly and with the correct TV standard, you can record your video. Select File Start Recording Command S, and you will be asked where you want to store the recording and what format to record in. MP4 is better for the Mac, so that was our choice. To stop the recording select File Stop Recording. There are other display options on the menu such as Fullscreen and aspect ratios. If you really want to squash the image and play it on full screen on 1. Conclusion. This is the cheapest and quickest way to grab Standard Definition video into a Mac. To grab HD video from a game console requires a lot more hardware, but perhaps well go into that some other time. If you have any tips involving the capture of SD video, then please feel free to share them in the comments below. Uh5j7miE45o/0.jpg' alt='Driver Easycap Mac Software' title='Driver Easycap Mac Software' />Easy. CAP drivers for Windows 8, 8. Update Ive moved Easy. CAP driver file hosting to Google Drive as Google Cloud billing hit 1. AUD per month, Easy. CAP driver downloads were 6. Gigibytes for the month of November All links have been updated. The Easy. CAP converts an RCA or S video source into a USB video and audio capture device known as a Sound, video and game controller device in Windows the possibilities for connecting analog sources to a Windows machine are endless and its priced insanely cheap. All of this positive feedback stops when you connect it to a Windows machine XP, 7, 8, 8. I almost gave up tooAfter a fortnight of driver hunting, driver conflicts, BSODs from resource conflicts and even Windows driver paywalls  where you have to pay to download drivers for the Easy. CAP  I got my Easy. CAP working as a video and sound capture device in Windows 8. Windows 1. 0 Heres the gotcha, my Easy. CAP shown in packaging above but with labels on each cable is sold on e. Driver Easycap Mac Software' title='Driver Easycap Mac Software' />Bay, Amazon, etc. Easy. CAP Capture USB 2. Video Adapter with Audio which is shared by every other variant out there but internally it is called the e. MPIA Technology USB 2. Device. Unfortunately there is no way to tell what variant you have until you open the package and check the Device Properties for that Unknown Device showing within the Windows Device Manager and at that point you then can start looking for drivers that may be compatible with definitely not designed for Windows 8, 8. The e. MPIA Technology USB 2. Device has the following hardware details shown within the Windows Device Manager. Screenshot from Windows 8. Windows 1. 0Easy. CAP drivers working in Windows 1. RCA output of the Easy. CAP device. Manufacturer and Provider Hardware IDs USBVIDEB1. A PID2. 86. REV0. MI0. USBVIDEB1. A PID2. MI0. 0Below is a link to the Windows 7 drivers that were compatible with my Easy. CAP device and further down a list of other Easy. CAP drivers you can try. All of them require you to disable Windows Driver Signature from Advanced Startup you can read about this from Sparkfuns tutorial for Disabling Signed Driver Enforcement in Windows 8. The driver package that worked in Windows 8. Windows 1. 0 I suspect this USB 2. Device 5. 8. 3. 06. Microsoft Update Catalog is a newer driver release than the one I have working but I have not installed it so cannot confirm compatibility in my mind, dont fix something that aint brokeOther driver packages and installers that might help other frustrated Easy. Movie Room Lighting Ideas. CAP users some are duplicates but different driver versions, good luckNote Google Drive cannot scan ZIP archives over 8. MB and Easy. CAPUSBVID1. B7. 1 PID3. Full. CD. zip just happens to be 8. MB, while Easy. CAP CAPTURE USB 2. Video Adapter with Audio. MB. Its clean just wanted to give you heads up. All other download files are 4. MB up to 3. 4MB. I will host these driver packages as long as I can and mirror them if the server load is too high. Yup we hit the 1. AUD per month billing limit for file hosting, the downloads links are now direct links to Google Drive. If you have a question ask here in the comments as other readers may help you.