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Hyundai Genesis Coupe Car And Driver' title='2015 Hyundai Genesis Coupe Car And Driver' />Hyundai Genesis Reviews and Rating. New for 2. 01. 5The redesigned 2. Hyundai Genesis receives new exterior styling, improved chassis, and available all wheel drive. A host of new features, which include driver aids like lane departure warning and Automatic Emergency Braking, smart trunk, a heads up display, a new navigation system with a 9. TFT LCD center cluster display. Vehicle Summary. The 2. Hyundai Genesis is a midsize luxury sedan that slots below the full size Equus. JPG' alt='2015 Hyundai Genesis Coupe Car And Driver' title='2015 Hyundai Genesis Coupe Car And Driver' />The Hyundai Genesis Korean is a executive fullsize until 2014 fourdoor, five passenger, rearwheeldrive luxury sedan manufactured and. The 2015 Hyundai Genesis is out to challenge the best luxury sedans from Lexus, and BMW. Find out how good the 2015 Genesis V6 AWD is in this First Test review. It is sold with two engine choices and in rear or all wheel drive configurations. Overview. Most 2. Hyundai Genesis sedans will come with a 3. V 6 that produces 3. Those looking for more power should consider the 5. V 8 rated at 4. 20 hp and 3. Both engines are paired to an eight speed automatic transmission while all wheel drive is available only on the V 6. Fuel economy is respectable in rear drive V 6 models at 1. Eight cylinder models are not as fuel efficient and are rated at 1. Acceleration is good with both engines offering great power, allowing for easy merging and passing at highway speeds. While not a sports sedan, the 2. Genesis is responsive and predictable, and turns into corners fairly quickly for a car its size. However, the V 6 is the better car overall due to its lighter weight, making it feel more nimble and well mannered compared to the V 8. Refinement remains one of the 2. Genesis strong suits with a smooth ride and a well insulated cabin that makes it ideal for long distance driving. Hyundai added a long list of standard and available tech and safety features to the car such as blind spot warning, an optional navigation system with a high definition 9. Lane Keep Assist system that steers the car back into your own lane. Interior room is generous with space for five adults and a good sized trunk at 1. Build quality and construction are superb with a solidly built cabin made of high grade materials and clean gauges that are easy to read. Additional safety aids such as adaptive cruise control with auto start and stop, automatic emergency braking, lane departure warning and lane keep assist are standard on the Genesis 5. Technology package on the Genesis 3. The 2. 01. 5 Hyundai Genesis has a five star overall safety rating from the NHTSA out of a possible five stars and is considered a Top Safety Pick by the IIHS, achieving a Good score in all testing categories Good is the highest possible score and offering Superior front crash prevention front crash prevention awards include Basic, Advanced, and Superior. UPDATE Optional safety features include blind spot warning, rear cross traffic alert, lane keeping assist, lane departure warning, Automatic Emergency Braking, adaptive cruise control, and high beam assist. What We Think. The 2. Hyundai Genesis is a solid choice for a luxury sedan with a high quality cabin, smooth ride and good value. During Motor Trends 2. Car of the Year evaluations, the Genesis impressed the judges by delivering more than promised with its balance of comfort, performance, style, and refinement. Even though it isnt a sports sedan, it handles competently particularly V 6 models, which are lighter and more nimble. In a First Test, we said that the car stayed glued to the road and handled twisty mountain roads well despite its heavy 4,4. Interior space and build quality are where the Genesis shines because it offers ample room in a cabin made of high grade materials that remind the driver that its a luxury sedan. The available tech and safety features put the car on the same league as German and Japanese rivals. However, the Lane Keep Assist systems aggressiveness means that the driver has to fight with the electronic nannies when trying to merge into another lane, or simply turn off the system. Youll Like. Well built interior. Stable and refined ride. Roomy cabin. You Wont Like. Average fuel economy. Overly aggressive Lane Keep Assist system. Polarizing front grille. Key Competitors. Rating4Show Full Review. Hyundai Genesis Review, Ratings, Specs, Prices, and Photos. True to its name, the Hyundai Genesis has been the start of something entirely new at Hyundai. And now with the 2. Hyundai Genesisthe start of a second generation of this modelthe automaker looks prepared to dive in with even higher luxury car ambition. That said, both its badge and its pricing continue to distance it from most other luxury cars that it rightly rivals. With the original Genesis launch for 2. South Korean automaker attempted a true luxury car, but smartly without the daunting bill of establishing an entirely new brand, or dealership network, around it. While we cant call that first generation Genesis a sales champ it did, after all land with unfortunate timing for the U. S., its undoubtedly raised the bar for the brand, and established Hyundai as a legitimate luxury playeron an Acura level, of not yet Mercedes. Review continues below. And this time, with revamped infotainment gear, more refined finishes, and a full suite of active safety features on offerand a base price under 4. Hyundai Genesis might just cause those champagne glasses to quake a bit. The first generation Genesis had a pleasantly anodyne body, with just a few flares of South Korean style in its grille and secondary controls. The 2. 01. 5 Genesis goes out of its way to blur even those touches, adopting a new roofline and grille that are striking in combination. The grilles grown up, down, and out in a shape that bears more than a passing resemblance to VW and Audi noses the winged Genesis badge could be on a Bentley. Down the side, and especially from the rear quarters, the passing references to BMWs are unmistakeable. Cyclops Safety Cameras Free Download here. There may be nothing new under the sun, but at least the interpretation of global design cues works well on the new Genesis, putting some good distance between the new car and the 2. Inside, the Genesis is simple and feels more like it has its own identity. The dash has a horizontal, shelf like orientation, and a great layout thats attractive yet sensible, with the navigation and infotainment screen up high at the middle, and a visually satisfying combination of extensive wood trim facing the passenger with a gently curved, soft dash top. Hyundai carries over the powertrains from the prior Genesis for the 2. And the resulting redesigned model offers strong performance, with a more nuanced driving demeanor than before. As for whether the 2. Genesis has what you need in a large luxury sedan, its a matter of wants and needs. If most of your driving is on straight boulevards and freeways, the Genesis has all the performance youll needwith an ideal mix of comfort mixed in, without ever feeling wallowy. Only if you regularly need to head over a mountain pass or along a canyon road will you understand and care that this definitely isnt a sport sedan. The base engine remains a 3. V 6, now rated at 3. V 8 version puts out 4. Eco, Normal, Sport, Snow that tailors shift quality, throttle response, and stability control to the drivers taste. The bigger news is in traction. After rolling through the first five years as a rear drive sedan, the Genesis adds all wheel drive for 2. The new system can vary the split of torque from the rear to the front wheels as traction needs arise, and Hyundai says it adds only about 1. The down side is that it does lower gas mileage, quite significantly. The 2. 01. 5 Hyundai Genesis has a nicely tuned rear wheel drive architecture, but its clearly no sport sedan, and thats underscored when the road turns tighter and twistier. The Genesis V 6 feels considerably lighter and more responsive than the V 8 models, howeverbecause its lighter by more than 4. For all versions, theres a new five link independent suspension front and rear it has more wheel travel and stiffer constructionand some tuning help from Lotus Engineering. Top Genesis 5. 0 Ultimate models have an available Continuous Damping Control CDC air suspension that can be toggled from Normal to Sport modealthough were not convinced on the worth of this system. What is a pleasant surprise is the Genesis electric assist, variable ratio steering. Throughout the cabin of the 2. Hyundai Genesis, youll find impressive materials and top notch fit and finish. And whether youve owned various vehicles with luxury badges in the past or youre new to luxury cars entirely, you wont likely find anything missing in the comfort or ambiance. The 2. 01. 5 Hyundai Genesis is first and foremost a comfort oriented luxury sedan, and this is just as apparent if youre in back as if youre in front. The front seats can be powered in as many as 1. The rear seats can be heated as well. The Genesis is built on a rear wheel drive platform, and while there might technically be less rear legroom here, but the Genesis feels roomier when it comes down to what matters for adultsgetting in and out easily, and not constantly rubbing against the headliner or up with the moonroof housing. Getting in and out is far easier here than in the front wheel drive Hyundai Azerawith no need to duck when getting in and outand the more upright package and more formal roofline adds up to a cabin that feels airier inside. Its also incredibly quiet inside. Safety ratings, with five stars from the feds and Top Safety Pick status from the IIHS, are top notch all around but in addition to nine standard airbags with the addition of a drivers knee bag for 2. Genesis includes high beam assist, a rearview camera system, and front and rear parking assistance. Theres also a suite of active safety features that might help avoid vehicles in your blind spot, and other systems will actually help keep you within lane boundariesand actually make mild steering corrections to keep you in your lane of travel. For many of these features, youll also get haptic feedback a vibration warning you of hazards the Genesis is the first Hyundai to offer such a feature. Those who are new to luxury cars and premium brands are often shocked to find that its easy to add tens of thousands of dollars to the bottom line sticker priceoften just to get some of the features that you might assume to be included in a luxury model. Thats not the case with the 2. Hyundai Genesis, which at 3. All wheel drive models slot in at just 2,5. Genesis 5. 0 V 8 models start with all that as standard, and add LED fog lamps, larger 1. On either 3. 8 V 6 or 5. V 8 models, the Ultimate package adds a climate control CO2 sensor, a power trunklid with a neat proximity sensing activation that doesnt require waving your foot, premium navigation with an upgraded display, the head up display, Lexicon 1. Hyundais second generation Blue Link telematics system has its debut in the 2. Genesis sedan. New features include integration with Google Glass Google Destination Search remote start and a new system of notifications that reminds drivers to warm their car in warm weather, or gives recommended departure times for a destination entered into the navigation system by smartphone app.