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Hello, I bought Microsoft lifecam studio model 1425 and installed last SW and FW. When I run integrated SW Camere in Windows 8. Best Webcams 2. 01. PC Gamer. The best webcam Excellent picture quality in multiple lighting conditions Wide FOV is useful for groups, and can be digitally zoomed without a noticeable drop in quality Auto focus and image adjustment are better than the competition Auto color can be a bit washed out, but is easily adjustable in software. Logitech makes a lot of webcams. They have the most options of any manufacturer, essentially selling a webcam at each 1. Best Software For Lifecam Studio Camera' title='Best Software For Lifecam Studio Camera' />Microsoft LifeCam VX6000 FeaturesHigh Definition Video and Photos High Definition video 1. Buy Microsoft LifeCam Cinema Webcams Amazon. FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. GBP to 4. 8 GBP. Through all my testing, Logitech cameras were of a consistently higher quality than their competitors, but they were also more expensive. The c. 52. 5 and c. Logitechs mid tier options, added more features and ease of use instead of increased camera quality, but the next step up, the Logitech c. All you have to do is look to see the difference in the c. It has 1. 08. 0p resolution with a large FOV, a sharp image, and a wide angle making everything about its picture look more camera than webcam. When I was testing it in low light, the auto image adjustments worked so well I had to double check the lights were actually turned off. Its significantly cheaper than other webcams of its caliber. The Microsoft Life. Cam Studio is only 1. Logitech c. 93. 0e has better, but comparable, video quality with a higher FOV and costs nearly 4. Logitech c. 92. 0 Microsoft Life. Cam Studio Both at max streaming resolution of 1. Click the arrows to enlarge. One test I tried on every webcam was quickly moving my hand extremely close to the lens to see how its focus, white balance, and brightness reacted. When I did this to the c. I was used to seeing, I could make out the details of my fingerprints. Time and time again, the c. On two separate occasions, I streamed live sporting events from the middle of a field with nothing but the c. Logitechs webcam software didnt automatically install when I plugged any of their cameras in. Thats a minor inconvenience, which Microsoft cameras avoid. Logitechs software is definitely worth downloading, though. The c. 92. 0s auto image adjustments are top notch when adapting to different levels of light, but the white balance and saturation may take some fine tuning. On its own, the c. Indeed, if you arent expecting your location or lighting to change often, I would recommend fine tuning the image settings for any webcam, as none of the auto modes I used were entirely spot on. For a moment, I questioned whether or not the c. I looked small in the frame when sitting at my desk, and when I scaled down to the traditional facecam size in the corner of a stream, the wide angle was a drawback rather than a feature. But, again, a solution came in Logitechs webcam software, which made it easy for me to digitally zoom in and adjust the frame size without a noticeable drop in quality. Even the best webcams are limited to 1. Skyping, and claims of high resolution can be a red herring marketing toolit doesnt matter if your phone can take 1. The more recent c. Logitechs line up, but Id still recommend the older model over it. There will probably come a day when the c. The c. 92. 2 can do 6. Free Program Ge Factory Service Manual there. In fact, the c. 92. Since its replacement launched, the c. Thats still expensive for a webcam, but its worth it for the noticeable jump in quality compared to anything close to it. The Logitech c. 92. Anything cheaper will come with a distracting drop in quality, anything more expensive and you wont notice enough of an improvement until you start shooting photos or video with a proper camera. Read More. Webcams have become a part of gaming culture. With the rise of You. Tube Lets Plays and Twitch livestreams, seeing who is playing a game has become nearly as important as seeing the game itself. Not everyone cares about seeing a facecam in the corner of their favorite stream, but its no coincidence that pretty much every top rated streamer has a webcam prominently featured. Whether youre an aspiring streamer, have a Skype interview coming up, or simply have friends abroad you want to keep in touch with, youll probably need a webcam at some point. Unfortunately, when building a gaming PC, a webcam tends to be that component you only realize youre missing after you need it. When I switched back to a desktop PC after using a gaming laptop for four years I had a truly embarrassing moment as I realized, Oh right, those dont just come built into the monitor. First and foremost, a camera should be judged by the quality of its picture. If a webcams price seems too good to be true, it probably doesnt look very good. Super cheap webcams can have the visual fidelity of filming yourself with a potato, but spend too much money and youll hit a plateau where you cant see a practical difference besides the cost. As a PC peripheral that will be used infrequently by most of uswhen compared to something like a mouse or keyboardor scaled to the corner of a streamers screen, I wanted to find the perfect balance of price and image quality. Out of every camera I tried, the Logitech c. It has the best image quality available without approaching the 1. Logitech has the widest webcam selection by far and, for the most part, their cameras were consistently the best ones I tried. You have to pay a bit more than other brands, but its usually worth it. T Shirt Design Tool Html5 Templates. The Logitech c. 92. I also picked out the best budget webcam one that doesnt look like crap, and costs only 2. The only difference is the camera used Logitech c. Creative Live Sync. Testing webcams. I tested the webcams in the practical situations that they would be used. Making a call on Skype will be the most common use of a webcam for non streamers, but Skype limits your cameras resolution to 7. I used OBS to both livestream and record video from each camera, testing them both fullscreen and scaled down to a facecam size. I also used each manufacturers webcam software to take the highest possible resolution pictures with each and manually adjust settings like white balance, brightness, auto focus, and others where applicable. Each of these situations were tested with multiple lighting setups from overhead fluorescent bulbs to nothing but the glow of the monitor in front of me. Aside from the video quality, I also took a look at their ease of use. Each manufacturer has a different method of attaching a webcam to the monitor, so I tested them across different monitor shapes and sizes. I took into account whether the webcam cord was long enough to reach from the top of a monitor to a case underneath a desk. I tested how easy they were to angle, readjust, and if they would fall off or reposition themselves if I bumped the desk. I tested the plug n play nature of them and noted whether the webcams downloaded drivers or software automatically. Lastly, I recorded audio with their built in microphones, but this was not a heavily influencing factor as a webcam should be bought with video in mind first. Competitors. We tried out a whole bunch of webcams during the testing process for this article. The Logitech c. 92. Logitech c. 31. 0 The c. Logitechs prices, but that also makes it a good example of the premium you pay for a logitech webcam. The c. 31. 0 has a crisp image, but any other advantages it has over the Microsoft Life. Cam HD 3. 00. 0 are negligible compared to the price increase. Logitech c. 61. 5 As I mentioned in my discussion of the c. For 1. 0 more you can get the c. Logitech c. 92. 2 A great choice for those trying to get into streaming, the c.