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GQ4/9781599717364.jpg' alt='Ethics Book Subbarao Download' title='Ethics Book Subbarao Download' />Law Optional, 1st Attempt, Kanpur. Candidate Profile. Education. Introduction. Electronic Vs Paper material. Typical day in your Online life Style of Preparation and notes making. Prelims CSAT Paper 1 General studies. Prelims CSAT Paper 2 Aptitude. Prelim accuracy. Mains Compulsory language paper. Mains Essay. General Studies Mains paper 1. General studies Mains paper 2. Manual Santana Gls 1990 on this page. General studies Mains Paper 3. General Studies 4 Ethics, Integrity, aptitude. Mains answer writing ELASTICITY of Optional Subject Score. Mains Optional Subject. Before the interview. Ethics Book Subbarao Download' title='Ethics Book Subbarao Download' />During the interview. CSE 2. 01. 6 Marksheet. Career Backup. Views on UPSC reforms. Insecurity about profile. Internal Motivation. Grand wisdom. Credit Friendsfamily. BOGUS Marketing Propaganda. Candidate Profile. Q. Details. Name. Prachi Singh. Rank in CSE 2. This book can be had. Candidates who have passed two years P. U. C. examination of Karnataka P. U. C. Board or an equivalent examination. Subbarao. Pharmaceutical. Ethics Book Subbarao Download' title='Ethics Book Subbarao Download' />Roll No. Age. 25. Total attempts in CSE including this one1. Optional Subject. Law. Schooling Medium. English. College Medium. English. Medium chosen for Mains answers. English. Medium chosen for Interview. English. Home towncity. Kanpur UPWork experience if any. No. Details of other competitive exams, including successfailures. UPPCS Mains 2. 01. Result awaitedUGC NET and JRF Both in 2. CAPF 2. 01. 6 Cleared written exam, didnt appeared for physicalmedical testDetails of coaching, mock tests, postal material for any competitive exam if usedCoaching for GS in Vajiram, Mains and Essay test series in Vision, Prelims mocks from various coachings bought test papers from marketService preferences Top 5IAS IPS IFS IRSIT IRSCCEstate cadre preference Top 5UP MP RJ UK Haryana. Ethics Book Subbarao Download' title='Ethics Book Subbarao Download' />Ethics Book Subbarao DownloadEducation. Educationfill the details here in class 1. Graduation course and B. A. LL. B. with 7. Name of college, city, passing out year. University of Allahabad, 2. Post graduation. LL. M. from National Law Institute University, Bhopal MPAny other professional courses. No. Hobbies Extracurricular achievementsIntroduction. Q. Tell us something about yourself, your family, when and why did you enter in this field of competitive examsI am a post graduate in law. My mother is housewife and father is a PCS officer in Uttar Pradesh. I have one brother who is presently in class 1. Joining civil services was my aim since I was in school. But the main efforts were put up in 2. I started reading newspapers etc since my graduation days but serious preparation started when I joined coaching in 2. I relied maximum on my self study. Coaching gave me guidance and I wont deny this at all. But self study is of utmost importance. Each book taught me a lot. I would leave it to the readers to read those books to gain more indepth understanding. Travelling. An IAS officer should understand. The Reserve Bank of India was founded on 1 April 1935 to respond to economic troubles after the First World War. The Reserve Bank of India was conceptualized based on. Scribd is the worlds largest social reading and publishing site. Original Article. Efficacy of a Tetravalent Dengue Vaccine in Children in Latin America. Luis Villar, M. D., Gustavo Horacio Dayan, M. D., Jos Luis ArredondoGarca. The online version of Vaccines on ScienceDirect. International Journal of Engineering Research and Applications IJERA is an open access online peer reviewed international journal that publishes research. I dont have any specific reason for entering into this field. First it was the dream of my parents and then slowly it became my own passion. I am a person who finds the sense of satisfaction by helping the needy and this I discovered myself before even starting the preparation. I realised the importance of being civil servant and the powers and responsibilities it wields to you. In the present society, if an administrator is good and committed to social cause, I think she can bring much required change. To bring the change you need to be at the top and that i observed when my father used to tell me various anecdotes of corrupt Collectors under whom he served. He told me how his positive efforts towards society were stalled by none other than civil servants. This was an enough motivation for me to enter into this field. Electronic Vs Paper material. Q. In recent times, there is spur in electronic material blogs, sites, pdfs, RSS feeds. Many aspirants feel bogged down by this information overload. So, how do you balance this i. Books, newspapersIn my opinion, there should be perfect balance between the two. Personally I feel that electronic material is easy to handle, manage and comprehend. But it doesnt mean that we solely leave out our writing habit. I followed the dual approach. I prepared current affairs from 5 6 sources and all this material I used to keep in electronic format. I maintained Evernote account which I think is very handy and helpful. Moreover current affairs are very dynamic, especially international relations. Dbz Budokai Tenkaichi 3 Iso Psp here. Now, maintaining written notes on them will make you end up with a huge stockpile of A4 sheets which is enough to give a nightmare. So I would suggest to follow e mode in such cases, wherein you can easily update the relevant information. Now coming to paper material. Maintain the habit of writing analysis of editorials in your own words everyday. Trust me this is very helpful. It will serve two purposes, firstly, you will learn to write concisely and preciselywhich is the essential quality needed to clear mains and secondly, you will also be able to compile all the current issues which you can easily revise later. As regards books, I made notes for all if them. All NCERTs and all other basic books. Visual Dbase 5.5'>Visual Dbase 5.5. Obviously you are not required to make notes for wholly factual books like Spectrum and Laxmikant, but for all other books, as far as I am concerned, I maintained comprehensive notes, so that there could be no need to open the book at all before exam. I also made hand written notes from all the video lectures I consulted during my preparation. They helped me a lot. Although it took so much time but it was really helpful. So the gist is, balance both the formats, paper and electronic. Solely depending on only one source will hamper your progress surely in some or the other way. Hence keep yourself diversified and learn to manage multiple formats and sources. Typical day in your Online life Online life. Answer. Daily hrs spent on online platforms for predicting cutoff syllabus change age attempt limit change and other peripheral bolbachchan related to civil services. Daily hrs spent on whatsapp and telegram studygroups. Daily hrs spent on online for exam prep. Primary Device for online study desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile. Laptop, mobile, tablet. Q. Any other things that you wish to elaborate on above table No. Style of Preparation and notes making. Q. What is your style of preparation and notes making I continue making notes no matter what Im reading, I just read multiple times but dont maintain notes, I make mindmaps on computer, I use xyz software etc. Newspaper Writing down the important factual points from editorials on daily basis and trying to summarise the whole article within 8 1. I also wrote important facts which I considered important from the prelims point of view. For e. g. any new geographical indication, critically endangered species, millitary exercise, summits, folk dance or festival etc. Its very important for beginners to go through past 1. Also you should have clear knowledge of whole syllabus of UPSC especially for GS 1,2,3 so that you can quickly filter out the relevant information from the vast ocean. Online sources I used to read the articles and news from online platforms and copied the important points in my Evernote account and used to revise them regularly. Books Made notes of all relevant books and revised them multiple times. For other books where I couldnt make notes, I underlined important stuff in the book itself. Revision is the key. Revise as much as you can. Prelims CSAT Paper 1 General studies. Topicstrategybooklistcomment. History Ancient. NCERT new, Jain sir notes, Nitin Singhania. History Medieval do History Modern Freedom StruggleSpectrum, Indias Struggle for Independence. Culture and society. Nitin Singhania, Social problems in India by Ram Ahuja.