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The Muppet Show Sub' title='The Muppet Show Sub' />David Rudman Muppet Wiki. David Rudman with two of his characters Baby Bear and Cookie Monster. Rudman performs Cookie Monster at a graduation ceremony. Rudman with the puppet cast of his non Henson television show Bunnytown. HbqaFE/0.jpg' alt='The Muppet Show Sub' title='The Muppet Show Sub' />Rudman with Cookie Monster at Sesame Street Day ceremony. David Rudman b. ca. Sesame Street puppeteer who performs Baby Bear, Davey Monkey, Chicago the Lion, and Humphrey. Since 2. 00. 1, Rudman has also become the new performer of Cookie Monster. Rudman first started working with the Muppets in a summer internship with the Muppet Workshop in 1. His friend Richard Hunt helped him get a job as a Muppet performer. The following year, he graduated from Highland Park High School in Chicago. After Hunts passing in 1. The Muppet Show Sub' title='The Muppet Show Sub' />The Canon Foreigner trope as used in popular culture. When an established existing medium ventures into the Expanded Universe, writers will often rely. Its The Swedish Chef. Treat the fam to 1 free month of YouTube Red. Adfree music for up to 6 household accounts. The Network Awesome Show is a music variety show that captures the creativity of the musicians and artists that drive the scene. As the shows seventh season begins, Mr. Snuffleupagus walks down the street, counting the people who fail to glimpse him yet again. He counts ten in all. Rudman assumed the roles of Sully, Sonny Friendly and the right horns up half of the Two Headed Monster. Outside of Sesame Street, Rudman has also taken over performing Scooter and Janice in recent Muppet productions. In addition to his work as a Muppeteer on Sesame Street, David has also provided voice acting for the show, notably as Baby Bears animated sidekick Hero Guy, as well as in several animated segments. Many Sesame Street cartoons featuring his voicework also include other Muppet performers, such as Joey Mazzarino. With his brother Adam Rudman, he has produced Jacks Big Music Show, and the PBS Kids series Nature Cat for their Chicago based company Spiffy Pictures. He has also written and directed live action films and cartoons for Sesame Street, MTV, Nickelodeon and Comedy Central. Trevor Noah and The Best Fking News Team tackle the biggest stories in news, politics and pop culture. Avenue Q is an American musical in two acts, conceived by Robert Lopez and Jeff Marx, who wrote the music and lyrics. The book was written by Jeff Whitty and the show. Rudmans work in television commercials include ads for Coke, Mc. Donalds, Cheerios, Disney World, the National Wildlife Federation and most notably as Fingerman for a series of Ziploc bag commercials. In 2. 01. 3, Rudman puppeteered Scooby Doo in the direct to DVD movie Scooby Doo Adventures The Mystery Map. He was nominated for an Emmy Award in 2. Outstanding Performer in a Childrens Series for his work on Sesame Street as Baby Bear and Cookie Monster. He presented a Daytime Emmy in 2. Cookie. Credits Muppets Characters Scooter, Janice 2. Wayne, Bobby Benson 2. Miss Poogy. Sesame Street Baby Bear, Cookie Monster 2. Two Headed Monster right head, 1. Airplane, Andre, Athena, Audrey Pigeon. Beachball, Betty Bowl of Plastic Fruit, Mr. Bricklayer, Bud, Chicago the Lion, Cranky, D tective Dave, Det. John Munch, Dr. Edwynn, Dr. Flippin, Granny Snuffle 1. Dr. Johnson, Lavender Ed, One of the Four Grouches Named Moe, Davey Monkey, Dip the Cat 1. Duane, Fearful, Flo Bear, Frankie, Hammy Swinette, Humphrey, Lieutenant Tao, Log, The Man in Brown, Next Generation Science Officer, Norman, Patrick, Pipe Organ, Rudder Rabbit, School, Sidney, Spike, The Sub Human Cannonball, Sully 1. Sonny Friendly 1. String Beans, Tessie Twiddlebug, Tyrone, Umekos friend, Velma Blank, Wolfy, the Martians. 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The Furchester Hotel Cookie Monster, The Tea Time Monsters, Arthur, Mr. Mips Game Life. Smellsalot. The Muppets 2. Presentation Pilot Scooter, Janice, Satay. The Muppets Scooter, Janice. The Muppets Take the Bowl Scooter, Janice, Beaker. Director credits. SourcesIn a Chicago Public Radio interview from May 2. Rudman says he was 5 when Sesame Street started. Rudman, David The Muppet. Cast episode 4. 1David Rudman interview with BBCPersonal communication with Bill Barretta by Anthony T. The Daily Show with Trevor Noah Series Comedy Central Official Site.