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EDIT, September 2013 Upon AkibaOnlines return from an extended serverchanging hiatus, all of the attachments and links to Akiba pages became. Diario de greg novelas infantiles. La famosa serie mundial de Jeff Kiney Voir plus dides sur le thme Recherche, Ale et Disponible. Bring Out the GIMP Girls in Merciless Peril December 2009 Archives. Discussion Forum for Extreme Bondage Fantasy Video. DVDs or Web. One month of eight years worth. Hot amateur forum Culos tetas Pezones Sexy y tangas Rose anal Ecuador mundial La mejor pornostar Pezones Sexy del mundo Great tits Download free 3gp gay Chicos de. Fortunately, I had not deleted most of the graphic images and managed to put the available ones back in, for your viewing enhancement. And unfortunately, it was a nightmare to do so, on my end, leading to deep and sorrowful existential questions. I took the occasion to update some other outdated links, but if I were to do so comprehensively, I may have been reading my obituary the next day. What you may wish to keep in mind is that the links leading to the Akiba Online archives could turn up dead, but that is only because the old pages linking to the old server obviously no longer exist. So if you are looking for a film, you will probably be able to utilize the provided information and land your prize, by conducting a search in these new pages. EDIT, July 2. 01. Thread INDEX, at the bottom of this post. Stream DOWNLOADSThis thread will offer STREAM DOWNLOADS. I hear you youre saying, this is the Discussion board, not the Download board. I agree. But heres what happened. I freely offered what I call my painless download stream links in the DDL section, but then a moderator a very charming one, as Akiba Online moderators usually are told me they are forbidden, and only allowed in the Discussion section. So I threw the one that was deleted from the DDL section to this section here it is about a week ago, but felt uncomfortable doing so. Why Because this is the Discussion section, not the Download section. If everyone started putting up download threads here, it would defeat the Discussion purpose. Then I thought, maybe I should start one single thread for Stream Downloads only that way, there would be no clutter in the Discussion section. S/cmx-images-prod/Item/11523/JUN090148._QL80_TTD_.jpg' alt='Rapidshare Detective Comics' title='Rapidshare Detective Comics' />Rapidshare Detective ComicsRapidshare Detective ComicsMods. Nude and NonNude patchesmods for games without their own forums. Fri May 12, 2017 159 am. But I was too lazy, and then I noticed Summerss broaching a similar thought days ago, and that got me cracking. I decided then to capitalize part of the title of this thread, Stream DOWNLOADS, to signify there is something else going on here. I know capitalizing is otherwise bad etiquette, but I figured this case called for it. Since I am beginning this thread, Id like to put up two rules. Its good to be the king. Those who contribute with their own stream downloads should. A Include thumbnails. This is an Akiba Online rule for downloads anyway, as the moderator told me. B Include your two cents about why the movie struck your fancy. Lets learn something about the movie, in addition to the download link. After all, this is the Discussion thread. Some members have broken English, given that this site especially attracts international visitors, but dont let that stop you. Put up your thoughts anyway And for those who know no English meaning they would have no idea what Im writing right here, use Google Translator, and share your thoughts in horrible English. JAV collectors who resort to Google Translator to get a better idea of the movies they are downloading utilizing plot descriptions in Japanese are old hands in regards to horrible English. Okay, at this point, you can skip to the download section you dont need to read the rest. But for those who are interested, I wanted to give my thoughts on 1 Why Stream Downloads are the Tops. DDL Dilemma with Filehosters. Stream Download Services Why Stream Downloads are the Tops. I love stream downloads. The reality is, JAV makers make their product faster than you can download them. They make my head spin, at the rate they put them out. Commercial Driver License Sample Test. But you cant have potentially a thousand, or thousands of JAV movies when they are one gigabyte apiece. Leica M8 Serial Numbers more. Or, as is becoming more popular, two gigabytes three gigabytes now even four gigabytes and over. Four hundred to six hundred MBs for a two hour movie is quite sufficient, thank you. And its not like one cant find these in the DDL section, in the form of RMVB or MKV files, but they have become rare. See, when you download a JAV, the odds are its going to be run of the mill. You dont need a super duper version. In the rare case where a movie is spectacular and you will be visiting it time and time again, then you can justify hunting for that super duper, Godzilla sized HQ version. But smaller stream downloads are blurry, in comparison, youre going to say I can hear you And to this, I say, Oh come on Its not like youre watching AVATAR, to get that big screen, every minute detail counts effect. Just because you cant see every gynecological skin pore in crystal clarity does not mean youre not going to get your cork popped. And besides, as one of Akiba Onlines exceptionally informed members, Sam. Kook, has specified, the folks who steal these movies to encode them no longer put love and attention to their work. Hes right. Have you downloaded a super duper monstrosity, labeled as HQ only to find its blurry anyway Then there is the issue of storage. I know, I know, the ones among you with the deep pockets are now sniffing, hard drives are quite affordable, harrumph. You are not incorrect, sir. Yet they used to be a lot cheaper before that storm in was it Singapore Now that the crisis has been averted, have you noticed The prices are still up. But if Im going to have a collection with movies that are 1 3 GB apiece, that means I will need a bookcase for my hard drives. I dont want a ton of hard drives Hard drives are unreliable, and they can die on you. This happened to me once, with so many of my hard gotten JAV movies disappearing up in smoke. So this means one must back up ones hard drives. And that means youre going to have double the ridiculous number of hard drives, with the monsters in your collection. Perhaps most importantly, there is the time factor in downloading. I know some of you have blazing fast Internet speeds, up to a megabyte per second. So you can laugh at the colossal downloads. I am hearing you ha ha ha. Ha ha ha Yet poor schnooks like me have the basic high speed. My top speed is about 1. It would take me half a day to download a JAV the size of a Buick. Im getting aged with each passing second, and I cant normally afford that, I tell you. Installer For Java Programs. Now lets consider the advantages of a stream download, versus the filehoster downloads, by moving on to the next section DDL Dilemma with Filehosters. Its not like stream downloads are trouble free sometimes a download gets interrupted, or the speed may not be high as usual. But these go with the territory, and occur rarely. Yet compare with the filehosters 1 Filehosters download speed are often cut down considerably for free downloaders. Stream downloads usually offer top speed. No annoying CAPTCHAs to fill out. No waiting between downloads. Usually no multi links. Set it, and forget it. Before 2. 01. 2, one could live with the idiosyncracies of the filehosters. Fileserve, Filesonic, Wupload, Uploadstation, Filejungle, Rapidshare which was great no waiting between downloads, either, Netload and especially wonderful Megaupload, as well as Mediashare they all offered top speeds. Many have bitten the dust, as you know.