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Of course you should have a look at our PIANO BAR. The sheet music of popular tunes for piano and vocal, with some pop piano solos. Listed in alphabetic order. Be My Love digital sheet music. Contains printable sheet music plus an interactive, downloadable digital sheet music file. Wasted money on unreliable and slow multihosters LinkSnappy is the only multihost that works. Download from ALL Filehosts as a premium user at incredibly fast speeds The Fontane Sisters were a trio Bea, Geri and Marge Rosse from New Milford, New Jersey. Road Trip Ideas For Kids. This summer we are taking our 5 year old and 3 year old on a road trip up to Donnelly, Idaho, for a family reunion never heard of it I hadnt either until I married my husband. It is about a 9 hour drive from our home. I am a little nervous. I asked some of our Facebook readers to share some of their traveling secrets and the response was so awesome that I had to share some of the great ideas with youMusic Chart Song Artists. This page lists the artists that have been most successful in the 135 source charts. Chords for The Andrews Sisters Rum and Coca Cola. Play along with guitar, ukulele, or piano with interactive chords and diagrams. Includes transpose, capo hints. Our sister Kristen is actually traveling across the country today, moving her family from Missouri to Utah. They have made the long drive a couple of times before, so she is a Road Trip expert She gave me a couple of ideas and activities to help keep kids busy. These ideas are for kids of all ages some are obviously geared towards younger or older kids, so choose what works best for you and your traveling companions. Also, if you have any road trip tips, I would love to hear them Feel free to share them in the comments below or on our Facebook page Print off this cute state license plate check list and see who can cross them all off the fastestBuy some of these Window Markers and let the kids go to town on the back windows. Wipe them clean with a baby wipe. Use an empty DVD case to pack a small pad of paper and colored pencils inside. The hard case also makes the perfect writing surfaceGive your kids glow sticks, glow necklaces, or glow bracelets when traveling at night I found lots at the dollar store. They will love how they glow and it is like a personal night light. Play the Lines and Dots game you can print it offhere, along with instructions on how to play if you dont know. To play the Lines and Dots game in 5, you will probably want a clipboard or hard surface for your kids to write on. Bring stickers and markers and let the kids decorate their own clipboard I also found some clipboards at the dollar store. Make these easy Pencil Pouch I Spy bags before you leave. Have a small child that is too small for an I Spy bag Give them a special I Spy Mission You can print it off here There are websites that will allow you to type in your starting destination and ending destination and it will tell you all the interesting and fun places to stop on the way You might try google maps or mapquest. Go to your local library and check out some audio books on CD. The kids love to follow along in the book and Mom doesnt get car sick trying to read to the kids A family favorite for my sister is Harry Potter. Print and download sheet music for The Impossible Dream The Quest by Roger Williams. Sheet music arranged for Easy Piano in Bb Major transposable. SKU MN0077006. 1940s Top Songs,200 Song lyrics that helped England through WW2, the battle of Britain and the London Blitz, by Vera Lynn, George Formby, Gracie Fields, Glen Miller. Wrap a couple of small toys or trinkets from the Dollar Store. Wrap them in old wrapping paper and let the kids choose one every couple of hours. Its great to use as incentive to keep your kids good in the car Our mom used to do this when we were little and I still remember how excited I would get about unwrapping something At the check out at the store, purchase one of those candy filled toys. They are kind of expensive I never let my kids buy them, but for long trips, they are awesome We have bought a candy filled camera and when you push a button, a little candy pops out. Andrews Sisters Sheet Music Download' title='Andrews Sisters Sheet Music Download' />We have also bought an electronic sucker spinner and a battery operated fan that was filled with candy. These silly toys entertained the kids for at least 4. Definitely worth the dollar or two to buy them Here is a fun site with tons of printable Mad Libs for Kids. Sometimes we do these as a family and my kids love to choose the craziest words they can think of. Make a Stained Glass Window Picture. Put together a Craft Kit before you leave and let your kids imaginations go wild while you drive. Buy a inexpensive cookie sheet and then make this Magnet Board on the Go My kids love to play with magnets. Using that same cookie sheet, you can use it as a hard surface for coloring the edges keep the crayons from rolling away, playing Matchbox cars, Legos, or keeping other small items from falling on the floor. Its like their own personal play surface. Purchase some cheap magnetic letters and numbers from the dollar store and let the kids spell words on the cookie sheet. Also attach pom poms to magnets for more fun magnet toys. Bring some pipe cleaner and let them use it to bend it, make shapes with it, mold stick people with it, make jewelry, etc, etc. Pack some little snack bags with Froot Loops cereal and let the kids string it on the pipe cleaner its much easier than yarn. Doubles as a great snack Make this Homemade Gak before you leave. It really takes only 2 minutes to throw together, doesnt leave a mess behind, and provides lots of entertainmentPrint off this Travel Scavenger Hunt here is one for preschoolers and one for older kids. Make some fun file folder games and put them all together in a binder for easy traveling. Find some toy catalogs or magazines. My kids LOVED looking through all the ads at Christmas time full of toys. Here is a fun one you can subscribe to for free. Purchase some Fruit By The Foot snacks. I know that they arent healthy, but my kids love that they are so long and it takes them forever to eat it. Plus, its a special treat that they know they only get for special occasions. Print off these cute paper dolls before you leave. If you wanted to, you could attach them to magnetic sheets and use them on your cookie sheet. Purchase a new coloring book and crayons. Oh, the power of a new coloring book Bring a roll of aluminum foil and let the kids make animals, people, shapes, etc. Just dont let them bunch it into balls and start a throwing fight. Make a trip notebook. Give each child a new notebook and let them draw pictures, put in stickers, take notes, tape in tickets or other paraphernalia from your trip. Add pictures you took from your camera at the end of your trip for a fun keepsake. Play Road Trip Bingo. Have little prizes for the winners. Make your own Dry Erase Board using a cookie sheet and then bring along some dry erase markers and a rag to use as an eraser. Using the Pandora App, listen to a kid or family friendly channel with music your whole family will like. We love the Disney channel. Or find some fun kid friendly CDs that you will all enjoy. Play the game 2. 0 Questions as a family. Make your own binder of activity pages. Fill a 3 ring binder with clear plastic sleeves. In the sleeves, put blank papers, and some simple games hangman, tic tac toe, word searches, find the hidden pictures, and connect the dots. Use a 3 ring pencil bag to hold the dry erase markers and a rag to use as an eraser. The kids can doodle and play for hours, then wipe the sleeves clean. Another special treat that my kids like are Ring Pops. They last forever and the kids love wearing them on their fingers. Play Car Color Bingo this bingo game is great for all ages Leave your house before the sun comes up we are hoping to pull out at 5 am. My kids usually sleep until 8 am, so I am hoping that we will get at least a good hour or two of driving in before they wake up. Give each child an inexpensive disposable camera or maybe a kid safe or old digital camera, if you have one and let them document the vacation and road trip themselves. Purchase some sticker books or activity books from the dollar store. My kids are obsessed with stickers they love sticking them on their whole body. Give them some new stickers and let them go crazy They may also want to put the stickers on a notebook or on paper. Make some paper bag puppets and then put on a puppet show. This site has a TON of ideas for paper bag puppets. Make your own Hedbanz game. The Fontane Sisters Wikipedia. The Fontane Sisters. The Fontane Sisters. Geri left, Marge center, Bea rightBackground information. Origin. New Milford, New Jersey, United States. Years active. 19. Associated acts. The Ross Trio. Past members. Bea Rosse b. December 1. 2, 1. Marge Rosse b. October 1. Geri Rosse b. October 1. Frank Rosse. The Fontane Sisters were a trio Bea, Geri and Marge Rosse from New Milford, New Jersey. Early yearseditTheir mother, Louise Rosse, was both a soloist and the leader of the St. Josephs Church choir in New Milford. Bea and Marge started out singing for local functions, doing so well that they were urged to audition in New York City. Originally they performed as a trio with their guitarist brother Frank, under the name the Ross Trio Rosse with the e omitted. The group auditioned for NBC and was soon sent off to work in Cleveland. When they returned to New York in 1. Frank was drafted into the Army he was killed in action in World War II. Geri, who had just finished school, took her brothers place, making it an all girl trio. The sisters first recorded together as The Three Sisters. Sheet music was published in the late 1. Im Gonna See My Baby, and Pretty Kitty Blue Eyes. SuccesseditThe now all female group chose the name of Fontaine from a great grandmother they decided to drop the i, making themselves the Fontane Sisters. The sisters worked on sustaining non sponsored programs for NBC, meeting and working with Perry Como soon after he came to the network. Word reached the sisters, then in Chicago for NBC, that Supper Club would be making cast changes they were eager for a chance to join Comos show, which also meant being closer to their home. Beginning in the summer of 1. The Chesterfield Supper Club and later 1. The Perry Como Show. The trio also did appearances on Chesterfield Sound Off Time when the program originated from New York however, the television show lasted only one season. The street Fontane Dr in Cornwall, NY was named after the Fontane sisters. In 1. RCA Victor, and appeared on several recordings as backup to Como. In 1. 95. 1 they had a minor hit with The Tennessee Waltz, of which bigger selling recordings were made by Patti Page and Les Paul and Mary Ford. In 1. 95. 4 they switched to Randy Woods Dot Records,1. Billboard pop charts, including ten in the Top 4. Their late 1. 95. Hearts of Stone, sold over one million copies, and was awarded a gold disc. RetirementeditThe Fontane Sisters retired from show business around 1. Geri was expecting her daughter. Ci 8100 Pvr Software Guide. The daughter was named after Geri, and as an adult she went by the name Geri Fontane Latchford Latchford coming from her fathers name, Albert Latchford. Neither Bea nor Marge had any children, and the younger Geri was her parents only child. Marge Fontane felt that the trio did not want to continue the grind of tours and mixing with the newer members of the music scene. The sisters agreed that they did not want to be part of the evolving rock and roll scene, and wanted private lives. Geri married Al Latchford, a history professor. Marge was married to Franklin Hobbs, who became a long time on air personality at WCCO in Minneapolis St. Paul. They met while the sisters were still working in Chicago for NBC. She remarried and became Marge Smith, the wife of an advertising executive. Only Marge left the area, relocating to Florida with her second husband. Bea became Mrs. E. Holmes Douglass in 1. In 1. 96. 3, Dot Records released one last album, Tips of my Fingers, and single Tips of My Fingers Summertime Love by The Fontane Sisters. These recordings did not mark a return to performing for the trio, who remained retired despite having agreed to make the recordings. For the next 4. 0 years, The Fontane Sisters remained mostly out of the publics eye. In 2. 00. 4 an article in the New York Daily News reported that Geri Fontane Latchford had received royalties due to her mother and two aunts. It was revealed in this same article that all three of The Fontane Sisters had died Geri, on September 1. Mia`S Math Adventure: Just In Time more. Bea, on March 2. 5, 2. Marge, on December 3, 2. In 2. 00. 1, RCA Victor released a compilation of recordings made by the Fontane Sisters and Perry Como, Perry Como With The Fontane Sisters, containing many of the songs featured on the Como radio and television shows. Hit RecordseditYear. Single. Chart positions. U. S. 1. 94. 9Nyot Nyow with Perry Como2. A Youre Adorable with Perry Como2. A Dreamers Holiday with Perry Como2. I Wanna Go Home with Perry Como2. Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo with Perry Como2. Hoop Dee Doo with Perry Como2. I Cross My Fingers with Perry Como2. Youre Just In Love with Perry Como2. Tennessee Waltz2. Let Me In2. 4Theres No Boat Like A Rowboat with Perry Como2. Castle Rock2. 7Rollin Stone with Perry Como2. Cold Cold Heart3. Noodlin Rag with Perry Como3. My Love and Devotion with Perry Como2. To Know You Is To Love You with Perry Como3. Kissin Bridge3. Happy Days and Lonely Nights1. Hearts Of Stone1. Rock Love1. 3Rollin Stone1. PlaymatesflipSeventeen3Daddy O1. Adorable7. 1Nuttin for Christmas3. Eddie My Love1. 1Im In Love Again3. Voiceswith Pat Boone4. Lonesome Lover Blues9. Please Dont Leave Me5. Still8. 6The Banana Boat Song1. Im Stickin With You7. Chanson DAmour1. Jealous Heart9. RecordingseditReferencesedit abBea Fontane. OTRRpedia. Retrieved 6 April 2. 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