How To Remove Serial Number Profile In Sap

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Populating the Serial Number in SO automatically via Inbound IDOCNot that I want to rain on your parade, but I thought it was possible to configure SAP to send out an ORDERS IDoc and have this this turned into an inbound ORDERS IDoc. This would remove the need for PI. This works similar to intercompany billing. Ernst And Young Software Developer Salary India more. With regards to the serial number not being populate. SAP PM Tips and Plant Maintenance Discussion Forum. Practical and helpful SAP PM Stuff to assist those supporting the SAP Plant Maintenance Modules. The purpose of this KBA is to help SAP customers obtain a general idea of potential fixed situations in future Adaptive Server Enterprise ASE EBFSP or PL releases. This is because the same ORDERS0. Car Parking Drawing Autocad. Card Game Stargate Trading. IDoc type is used to for outbound PO and inbound SO. Therefore the IDoc structure has to cater for both. So, just because the fields are there on the IDoc, does not mean it will post into the SO where you expect it. The best way to see if this is the case, is to search the inbound function module IDOCINPUTORDERS to see what it does with the segmentfield you have put the serial number into. Hi sap Guru,my issue is how to remove serial Number profile in material master,a material use all plant,only one plant serial number profile is on, ex having plant. Hi All, My requirement is to populate the serial number automatically via Inbound Idoc. Outbound Idoc is trigerred from PO in R3 to PI middleware, which in turn will. Toolbox saplogmm In the case of the incorrect assignment of a material to a serial number you can change the material number in the equipment master.