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Former New York City major, Michael Bloomberg, is coordinating an effort among 30 mayors, three governors, 80 university presidents and over 100 businesses to. This is the complete archive of TechFresh. JErm started this blog in 2006. Here you will find every single post that has ever been published on this consumer. UpdateStar is compatible with Windows platforms. UpdateStar has been tested to meet all of the technical requirements to be compatible with Windows 10, 8. Windows 8. Tyre history Tyre. To. Travel. Here you can see what the improvements and changes are since Tyre was launched in february 2. Until version 4. 0 Tyre was known as Google Tom. Tom. Version 6. There was a problem in communicating with Google Maps. Garmin Windows Ce 6.0 Download' title='Garmin Windows Ce 6.0 Download' />View and Download Naviter Oudie 2 manual online. TFT LCD display. Oudie 2 Car Navigation system pdf manual download. Due to a problem on the Google server, Tyre was not able to calculate routes now and then. Unfortunately, other errors came with this problem, such as errors in creating waypoints and copying routes to your device. We have found a solution, which is implemented in this update. This solution is only available for paying customers. So, in Tyre Basic, the problem may still come up occasionally. Downloading Procedure. You can use the update program only when you agree to the terms of Software License Agreement. Read it well. If you agree to it, download the. There was a small bug in removing favorites if synchronization with My. Drive is automated the favorites list in the main windows was not updated at the same time. That bug is gone. Version 6. 5. 0 build 3. Due to Tyres connection with My. Drive, the program startup took more time than before. We have improved that. Version 6. 5. 0 build 2. We have added a new feature in supporting your Tom. Tom Rider 4. 04. My. Drive automatically synchronized with your Tyre favorites. Press CtrlM from the main window, and activate the feature by ticking the option box. We have changed some startup functions. If you have not activated the My. Drive functions, the startup should be faster than it was after the previous upadate. Since the last update there was a bug in opening the Tom. Tom favorites as Tyre favorites. The bug is gone now. Some language corrections. There was a small bug in the drag and drop function of the waypoints list. It was that small that nobody reported it Anyway, we have fixed it. Version 6. 5. 0 build 1 Better support for Tom. Tom devices Things have become easier if you have a Tom. Tom Rider 4. 04. Tom. Tom GO 4. 00, 5. Tyre now offers full support for all kinds of data routestracks, POIs and Favorites there is full synchronization for all these data with My. Drive All routestracks. All POI files. All favorites, incl. Home and Work. Home and Work can be shown or hidden on your maps, using the View menu. You can add more than just one favorite at a time from your Tyre Favorites to your Tom. Tom Favorites. Removing favorites from your Tom. Tom has been added as a new feature. It can be found here select the Delete from Tom. Tom option from the Tom. Tom menu. There are some other enhancements as well. We have made things a bit easier when you use the find function When you use the search window, it will stay open after finding the location that you have searched for. This is only true for the search window, not for the yellow search box. It is really easy now to add a location that have been found, to your list of waypoints or POI just press CtrlD. Adv Duplicator Tool. There was a bug in optimizing waypoints Tyre could end up in an endless loop with a route or list of POI with only a few waypoints. The bug is gone now. Version 6. 4. 7 build 3. Saving a route or a POI file into another format, could cause an empty map in some situations. We have fixed that bug. Since the last update there was a bug in opening Tyre POI files. The bug is gone now. Version 6. 4. 7 build 2. We have improved working with Garmin POI Just to inform you adding a sound to POI is only possible for users of the Tyre Professional version. Some users have asked us to re enable working with CSV files. We have done that, although we are convinced that it is much more convenient to create GPI files directly. Version 6. 4. 7 build 1 Better support for Garmin devicesCreated a route, and only straight lines on your Garmin device between the waypoints That was a common problem. We have adapted the way Garmin route files Follow these steps after you have opened the route in your Trip Planner app From the main screen, tap Settings Navigation Calculation Mode. Select Curvey Roads or any other option that is currently NOT selected. Tap Save. Tap Calculation Mode again. Select the option that you want to use calculating your trip which will be Faster Time for most trips. Tap Save. Return to the main screen. This may sound rather complicated, but after you have done it a few times, it works like a charm We have added a great new feature now you can add Points of Interest to your Garmin device directlyUntil now it wat rather complicated to get POI on your Garmin device, saving the file in the. POI LoaderNow you can skip all those steps, because Tyre is able to create your. Garmin device, just like your routes. And yes, you can add your own picture. You can even add your own sound and a warning distance. There is this one BUT you can only use Latin characters for naming your POIs. I dont know if it is possible to use other characters, e. Russian or Chinese. If you have a. gpi file with such characters, please send it to me I would like to learn from it, to improve Tyre even more. Some Tom. Tom Rider users preferred the old way of copying routes to Tom. Tom, importing them after copying. To please you if you are one of them, we have restored that option. BUT this will only work if your Tom. Tom is connected to your computer, AND if you have tapped the Import Routes button on your Tom. Tom, AND if you have NOT activated the option to use your Tom. Tom Rider as your only device CtrlM. Selecting a favorite could cause a suprise, if there were underscores or other unusual characters in its name on the map some other favorite might come upWe found the reason for this unwanted behavior, and fixed the bug. Version 6. 4. 6 build 1 Better support for lots of devices Things have become easier if you have a Tom. Tom Rider 4. 04. Tom. Tom GO 4. 00, 5. Tyre now uses your Tom. Tom My. Drive connection for all actions. This means that it is no longer necessary to import routes into your device after copying them there. They are on the right spot immediately Some other benefits are these If you tell Tyre using the Tom. Tom menu that you have a device as described, is not even necessary to connect your Tom. Tom to your computer via USB any longer. Just make sure that your Tom. Tom has an active My. Drive connection. Other Tom. Tom devices can use the new functions as well. Just like things were in the old days This is true for all so called Nav. In general those are the devices that use My. Drive to receive data. There are so many different Tom. Tom device types now, and there features and possibilities are very different from eachothere. Therefore we decided to make thing a bit clearer to you if you select a feature or option that is not available for your Tom. Tom device type, you will get a message, telling you so. Some minor changes. Version 6. 4. 5 build 4. Do your waypoints have silly names, like TT 1, TT 2, etc. You can rename them now with proper names. We have added a new option to the Tools menu that can do the job for you. This option is only available for users with a Pro license. There were problems in recognizing Tom. Tom Rider 4. 10 devices. Those problems are gone now. Version 6. 4. 5 build 3. Another fix, for the same reason. Lets hope it is the last one for now. Version 6. 4. 5 build 2. This is a fix. Google decided to change some essential code on its server, which caused problems in displaying the Tyre map. Version 6. 4. 5 build 1 This is an update with some serious changes. Until now, Tyre saved GPX files using the older format for compatibility reasons.