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Excel VLOOKUP Book By Chandoo. Org. Now I have been an Excel enthisiast and user for around 2. Excel I have experienced is the VLOOKUP table. I recently changed over offices in my day job, and one of the first things someone said to me when they found out about my Excel exploits was ohhh so you know all about them VLOOKUPS and stuff. Love them or hate them they are awesome in their power of analysis from just a few clicks of the mouse A bookvideo I have had in my possession for a while is Chandoos VLOOKUP Book. Well there are actually two versions of this book, there is the actual Ebook and also an EbookVideo Combo Pack. I have used it a good deal and it is a good Excel book, on a specialised subject, which is sometimes just what you need. Friends, readers supporters of Chandoo. I am very glad to announce my newest book the vlookup book to help you become awesome in answering any lo. Comprehensive and easy to understand This is a book for everyone who uses Vlookup. Most of us think Oh. I already know the function. But this book will open your. The Vlookup Book Pdf Chandoo Project' title='The Vlookup Book Pdf Chandoo Project' />Excel books can try to cover too much subject matter, but Chandoo really expores the Pivot Table Function well in his offering. It is really good solid Excel Book and warants a review. So here it is my review As I said there are two flavours of the Book, the first is the standard Ebook downloadable as a PDF or for your Kindle. Included in this bundle is the below The Vlookup e. The Vlookup Book Pdf Chandoo Project' title='The Vlookup Book Pdf Chandoo Project' />Book Kindle or PDF versionExample Excel workbook with more than 5. The purpose of the book he states is to give you an understanding of how to answer any data lookup problem using Excel LOOKUP. The book is not overly theoretical but poses problems and walks you through the Excel solutions. He very quickly gets you past the basics of the VLOOKUP, building confidence in understanding the concept from the start. Style Works 2000 Serial there. I was impressed with how quick he gets you to thinks about solutions to data lookup situations you may have yourself and moves to expand on the standars VLOOKUP by intoducing the Index Match functions to feel you have even more Data Superpowers To give you an idea of content here are the details. Who is Chandoo What is Chandoo. The Vlookup Book Pdf Chandoo Project' title='The Vlookup Book Pdf Chandoo Project' />A note about downloadable workbook. Oh Why should you bother reading this bookWhat is VLOOKUP9. What about LOOKUP, HLOOKUP. Using VLOOKUP with Excel tables. Wild card searches with VLOOKUP. Lets mix VLOOKUP with Data Validation for fun wow factor. Look right, look left oh forgetFind 90664 best results for vlookup chandoo webreferences, pdf, doc, ppt. Project Report Sample. Sky Go Cracked Apk here. VLOOKUP BOOK. chandoo. Gta San Andreas Extreme Edition 2011 Download more. The Vlookup Book Pdf Chandoo Project' title='The Vlookup Book Pdf Chandoo Project' />What is the sales of Joseph in North for product Fast car in Jan 2. I want to lookup my cake and eat it too No how about third time Lookup Tips Gotchas. How to learn more about Excel Appendix 1 INDEX Formula Explained. Appendix 2 Excel 2. Data model. 5. 5I loved the Fact there a meaty Excel workbook download to work along with. A must I think for any Excel book or course. The Extra Feature COMBO pack as well as the PDF or Kindle book gives you access the following material below. The Vlookup Book PDF right click and choose save asChapter 1 Introduction to VLOOKUP 3. Chapter 2 What about HLOOKUP and LOOKUP Chapter 3 Using Tables with your lookup formulas 1. Chapter 4 Wildcards in VLOOKUP 1. Chapter 5 Lets make Bob happy 1. Chapter 6 Looking up to left 2. Chapter 7 Multi condition Lookups 3. Chapter 8 Getting several columns with single lookup 1. Chapter 9 2way lookups 3. Chapter 1. 0 Getting 2nd or 3rd matching item with lookups 3. Chapter 1. 1 Top 1. Chapter 1. 2 Bonus Comparing 2 lists 8minsChapter 1. Bonus The duplicate problem 1. Chapter 1. 4 Bonus Understanding Excel 2. You can see by how content rich the videos are how much content you get from Chandoo. The videos are awesome quality and easy to follow and understand. They really bring the examples to life and if you like watching to learn then this Combo pack will suit you. I always like watching video instruction so this was the option for me. So after working my way through the VLOOKUP book and instructional Videos, I have to give Chandoo a thumbs up for this product. Cant fault it. In the spirit of full disclosure, this is an affiliate link, which means that I may get a commissions if you decide to purchase anything. I only recommend products systems that I use and love myself, so I know youll be in good hands. Thanks for supporting this website.