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How and Where to Repair Hairline Crack in Ceramic, Pottery or China. How to Repair Hairline Cracks on Ceramic with Strong Mechanical Integrity We often receive valuable ceramic items and vessels with long hairline cracks and we need to decide if we should break the crack completely for a better cementing job. When the hairline crack goes through design details and breaking it will increase the required repair areas, we often use the pegging method illustrated below. Zip Code Dma Mapping. The pegging technique ceramic repair requires the walls of the vessel to be thick enough to accept a peg. When pegging is done properly, it is an excellent way to restore durability to the repaired ceramic object with a hairline crack prior to continuing the restoration process. Below, we repair a cracked jar with some step by step illustrations and explanation. To see examples of a cracked bowl, cracked mug, cracked plate, cracked vase, cracked urn or a cracked jag, see our restoration examples page. How to Replace Your Automobile Windshield. We often take our windshield for granted. It seems to always be there when we are driving, and for the most part. Back by popular demand another 600 More Mostly Useless Facts, these all all one liners to ensure maximum fact trivia retention. Focus Historia 12 2014.