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Hit refresh and give your old basics a reboot with Isaac Mizrahis fitandflare peplum top. Page 1. ChunLi or Shunrei or Chunr, Simplified Chinese is a video game character from. August 1. 98. 7 January 1. Wii Virtual Console March 4, 2. August 1. 3, 2. 00. July 2. 0, 2. 00. JPG' alt='Leotard Designer Game' title='Leotard Designer Game' />DS Virtual Console September 1, 2. Ambassadors February 2. Public March 1, 2. Public March 1. 5, 2. PublicWii U Virtual Console July 1. Leotard Designer Game' title='Leotard Designer Game' />This article is about the first game in the series. For information on the whole series, see Metroid series. For the species, see Metroid species. For all other uses, see Metroid disambiguation. Metroid ,Metoroido is the first game in the Metroid series. It was released first for the Famicom Disk System on August 6, 1. Nintendo Entertainment System in August 1. North America and in Europe on January 1. The game was produced by Gunpei Yokoi and was directed by Yoshio Sakamoto, with the music by Hirokazu Tanaka. The game was known for its eerie sci fi flavor. Metroid would be remade for the Game Boy Advance under the title Metroid Zero Mission, which updated the graphics, expanded the original plot and added new areas and abilities to the game, and even included the original version of the game being an unlockable feature upon completion. The original Metroid was also ported onto its own cartridge in the Classic NES Series, and later released on the Wiis Virtual Console on August 1. Metroid was one of the 1. NES games that were re released on the Nintendo e. Shop as part of the Ambassador Program, where people who owned a Nintendo 3. DS before the price drop could get 1. NES games and 1. 0 Game Boy Advance games for free. Metroid was later released on the Nintendo e. Shop to the public on March 1, 2. In the year 2. 00. C. C. Cosmic Calendar the leaders of various planets united in order to form a congress that became known as the Galactic Federation in an attempt to construct a fair and structured universe that would enable society to grow and prosper. Under the guidance of this new federation, the individuals of the planets began to associate with each other and a new civilization began to develop. Various leaps in technology for transportation were created, such as interstellar spaceships, and society flourished through the use of such expansion. Note According to Metroid and Metroid II Return of Samuss manuals, the year of the Galactic Federation formation was the year 2. In Metroid Zero Missions manual, the year of the Galactic Federation formation was 2. At this time, Earth came into contact with individuals from these other worlds and the advanced technology that these people possessed was shared with the humans of Earth. All seemed well in this new society. However, devious groups known as Space Pirates began to attack the spaceships in the hopes of looting valuable goods from them and striking fear in the hearts of the people. Frostwire Free Download Iphone'>Frostwire Free Download Iphone. In order to counter these attacks, the Federal Bureau set up a new combat force known as the Federal Police. Yet the pirates were extremely difficult to battle in the depths of space, even with the advanced technology of the Federation. Thus, they recruited a group of courageous individuals who became known as Space Hunters, equipped with the best weapons available. The Federation provided huge financial bonuses to the Hunters in reward for hunting down and destroying the pirates. It is now the year 2. X5 C. C., and the universe has continued to develop while battles still rage throughout space. Recently, reports have indicated that a spaceship is traveling with a capsule containing an unknown life force from the deserted planet SR3. This ship has been attacked and seized by the Space Pirates. While research about this life form, currently in hibernation, is incomplete, it is known that exposure to beta rays for 2. Some scientists believe that this life form may have been the cause of destruction of life on SR3. The Chozo called this being a Metroid and the mere thought of it being in the hands of pirates is utterly disturbing to the human scientists. If the Pirates learned how to multiply this organism and use it as a biological weapon, the cost of lives could be overwhelming. The Federation launched search teams to find the Pirates and were fortunate to discover that their base was located deep within the planet Zebes. However, none of the forces are strong enough to take the pirates down. Samus Aran surrounded by enemies near the start of the game. During this outside battle, operations to multiply the Metroid within the Space Pirates headquarters were soon becoming a reality. Desperate for a solution, the Federation decided that the only option left was to attempt to infiltrate Zebes and destroy the leader of the Space Pirates, Mother Brain. To make matters difficult, the structure of the planet Zebes is a natural fortress that consists of a large maze. Scattered throughout the maze are various traps and allies of the Space Pirates. This mission clearly requires a special individual to complete, and so the federation has selected the most dominating Space Hunter of the entire organization Samus Aran. Samus, though human, has a cybernetic suit built by the Chozo, thus providing her with a strange power. She has, to this date, completed many missions considered impossible, and her suit has the power to withstand lethal attacks, while providing many itself. Samus makes her way through the fortress planet Zebes, collecting weapon and health upgrades, advancing to new areas, defeating Kraid, Ridley, and Mother Brain, and, in the end, destroys all Metroids on Zebes. Metroid provided one of the first highly nonlinear game experiences on a home console. The basic gameplay is a mix of action adventure and platform shooter. Samus begins with a very limited amount of power ups, and must explore the large areas to achieve the next locked or unreachable area. Because the game world is presented in one multi screened level, there are often areas that can be reached before they were meant to be by more experienced players. In this and later games in the Metroid series, this openness would lead to speed runs. SecretHidden Worlds. Edit. Metroid contains a major programming glitch that creates several rooms that are not built into the game. At first, they were thought to be areas hidden for the best of players. The only problem is that if this were true, then the game itself would hold the record for using the most memory of any NES games 5. In fact, if the player were to include normal areas and hidden worlds, then the hidden worlds take up 7. They can only be accessed by using the Door JumpWall Door Glitch, which allows Samus to be trapped in any hatch. It was only later that players discovered that these rooms dont take up memory on the cartridge, but are created spontaneously due to programming oversights particularly having to do with how the elevator system works. Once the player has begun the Door Jump Glitch, they can jump to go up through the walls and reach these hidden worlds. Inside are a number of enemies corresponding to the current map Brinstar, Norfair, etc., including frozen, invincible Zeebetites and Mother Brains. Also, there are glitch hatches they lead nowhere and cause damage when entered and glitch walls same sound effect as magma. These areas have become a curiosity, and all exploration and mapping of them stopped once their origin was discovered. The reasoning behind the glitch is actually a quite simple. It works because the entire map is on a single grid.