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English Pre Gen 6Japanese KanjiEpisodesSL 1 Pokmon I Choose YouPokmonI Choose You SL 2 Pokmon EmergencyConfrontation Pokemon Center SL 3 Get PokmonAsh Catches a Pokmon. SL 4 Challenge of the SamuraiChallenge of the Samurai Boy SL 5 Showdown in Pewter CityThe Fight at Nibi Gym SL 6 Pippi and the Moon StoneClefairy and the Moon StoneSL 7 The Water Flowers of Hanada CityWater Flowers of Cerulean City. SL 8 Road to the Pokmon LeagueThe Path to the Pokemon LeagueSL 9 Pokmon Victory ManualThe School of Hard KnocksSL 1. Fushigidane of the Hidden VillageBulbasaur and the Hidden VillageSL 1. Stray Pokmon HitokageCharmander the Stray Pokemon. SL 1. 2 Enter the Zenigame SquadHere Comes the Squirtle Squad. SL 1. 3 Masakis LighthouseMystery at the Lighthouse. SL 1. 4 Electric Shock Showdown Kuchiba GymElectric Shock Showdown. SL 1. 5 Battle Aboard the St. AnneBattle Aboard the St. Anne. SL 1. 6 Pokemon ShipwreckA Pokmon RobinsonadeSL 1. Island of the Giant PokmonThe Island of Giant PokemonSL 1. Beauty and the BeachHoliday at Aopulco. SL 1. 9 Menokurage and DokukurageTentacool and Tentacruel. SL 2. 0 Pokmon Ghosts and the Summer FestivalThe Ghost of Maidens Peak. SL 2. 1 Bye Bye ButterfreeBye Bye Butterfree. SL 2. 2 Casey Psionic ConfrontationAbra and the Psychic PokemonSL 2. The Tower of TerrorGetting one in the Pokmon TowerSL 2. Haunter Versus KadabraVSGhost VS PsychicSL 2. Dont Get Mad, OkorizaruPrimeape Goes BananasSL 2. Pokemon Scent sationErika and Kusaihana. SL 2. 7 Hypnos NaptimeSleeper and Pokmon Regression SL 2. Pokemon Fashion FlashRokonBreeder Showdown SL 2. The Punchy PokemonFighting Pokmon The Big BattleSL 3. Do Coil Dream of Electric MiceSparks Fly for Magnemite. SL 3. 1 Dig Those DiglettLots of DigdaSL 3. The Ninja Poke ShowdownSekichiku Ninja Showdown SL 3. The Flame Pokemon athonThe Blazing Pokmon RaceSL 3. Garuras LullabyThe Kangaskhan Kid. SL 3. 5 The Legend of Miniryu. SL 3. 6 The Bridge Bike GangThe Stormy Cycling Road. SL 3. 7 Metamon and the Copycat GirlDittos Mysterious Mansion. SL 3. 8 Cyber Soldier PorygonSL 3. The Pikachu ForestPikachus Good ByeSL 4. The Four Eievui BrothersThe Battling Eevee Brothers. SL 4. 1 Wake up SnorlaxWake upKabigon SL 4. Showdown at Dark CityShowdown Pokmon Gyms SL 4. March of the Nassy SquadMarch of the Exeggutor Squad. SL 4. 4 The Problem with ParasParas and Parasect. SL 4. 5 The Song of JigglypuffSing Purin SL 4. Revival Fossil PokmonAttack of the Prehistoric Pokemon. SL 4. 7 A Chansey OperationLuckys Clinical Records. SL 4. 8 Gardie and KojiroHoly MatrimonySL 4. A Sitting Duck for KamonegiSo Near, Yet So Farfetchd. SL 5. 0 Whose is TogepiWho Gets to Keep Togepi SL 5. Fushigidanes Mysterious Flower GardenBulbasaurs Mysterious Garden. SL 5. 2 Fierce Fighting Pokmon Doll FestivalPrincess Versus Princess. SL 5. 3 The Purr fect HeroIts Childrens Day, Everyone Gathers. SL 5. 4 Case of the K 9 CapersPolice Dog Gardie SL 5. Pikachu in FocusPokemon Paparazzi. SL 5. 6 The Ultimate TestPokemon Certification Test SL 5. The Breeding Center SecretThe Day Care SecretSL 5. The Heat is on Guren GymRiddle Me This. SL 5. 9 Volcanic PanicDecisive Battle Guren Gym SL 6. Island of KamexBeach Blank Out Blastoise. SL 6. 1 The Misty MermaidHanada Gym Underwater Battle SL 6. Pippi VS PurinClefairy TalesVSSL 6. Tokiwa Gym The Final BadgeThe Battle of the Badge. SL 6. 4 Its Mr. Mimie TimeThe Barrierd of the Pokmon CircusSL 6. Rougelas ChristmasHoliday Hi Jynx. SL 6. 6 An Iwark BivouacSnow Way OutSL 6. Rival Showdown The Okido LaboratoriesShowdown at the Poke Corral. SL 6. 8 When Yadon Becomes YadoranThe Evolution Solution. SL 6. 9 Legend of the Surfing PikachuThe Pi Kahuna. SL 7. 0 The Kusaihana of the Botanical GardenMake Room for Gloom. SL 7. 1 Lights, Camera, QuacktionPokmon the MovieSL 7. Nyarths ABCsGo West, Young MeowthSL 7. Enter Elite Four ShibaTo Master the OnixpectedSL 7. Fierce Battle Pokmon of YoreThe Ancient Puzzle of Pokemopolis. SL 7. 5 Bad to the BoneGaragaras Bone Club. SL 7. 6 All Fired UpFirePokmon League Opening CeremonySL 7. The Pokmon League Begins The Water FieldRound One BeginSL 7. Fire and IceThe Ice Field Flame Battle SL 7. The Grass Field A Surprisingly Strong OpponentFourth Round Rumble. SL 8. 0 A Friend In DeedThe Arrival of a Rival SL 8. Friend or Foe AlikeSekiei Stadium VS HiroshiVSSL 8. Friends to the EndPokmon League Final BattleOI 1 Masara TownSetting off on a New TripPallet Party Panic. OI 2 A Scare in the AirAirship Hardship OI 3 Pokmon of the South and the GS BallPokeball Peril. OI 4 Save LaplaceThe Lost Lapras. OI 5 Orange League Natsukan GymFit to be Tide. OI 6 Pikachu Re VoltsMystery of the Missing PokemonOI 7 The Crystal IwarkThe Crystal Onix. Install Ultravnc Viewer Only Command Line. OI 8 In the PinkIsland of the Pink Pokemon. OI 9 The Secret of Kabutos FossilShell Shock. OI 1. 0 Dance Pokemon ShowboatStage Fight. OI 1. 1 Bye Bye PsyduckGoodbye Koduck Return Again GolduckOI 1. Sailing Joy Cross the Stormy SeaThe Joy of Pokemon. OI 1. 3 Navel Gym Snow Mountain BattleNavel Maneuvers. OI 1. 4 Big Eater KabigonBig PanicSnack AttackOI 1. A Shipful of ShiversThe Ghost Ship and the Ghost PokemonOI 1. Meowth Rules The Great Nyarths Island OI 1. Strike A Warriors PrideTracey Gets Bugged. OI 1. 8 A Way Off Day OffIts the Southern Islands, Everyone GathersOI 1. Elite Four Kanna Ice BattleThe Mandarin Island Miss Match.