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Old Need for Speed Carbon Collectors Edition Patch UK English Only 1. Auctions for the sale of surplus, salvage, scrap, damaged, bankrupt inventories for asset recovery, insurance, transportation, manufacturing, oil and gas industries. Toys Worth More Than My Car. Baby Boomers are a hardy bunch. They rode in cars that werent equipped with special toddler seats, walked to and from school without being electronically tethered to their parents, ate lunches filled with allergens and preservatives, played with toys that would be quickly pulled from shelves today, and still persevered to become the largest living generation of the U. S. population. Whether you owned a Johnny Seven One Man Army or just want to know more about the ultra violent, bestselling toy of 1. SIXFINGER. My younger brother had one of these, and Im here to tell you that as tiny as it was, this gun had some serious firepowerthose little plastic bullets hurt like heck You think your average seven year old boy is going to pay attention to the package disclaimer that warned against aiming the Sixfinger at human targets Just in case the possibility of losing an eye to a sharp projectile wasnt edgy enough, one of the bullets came equipped with a capthe shock sensitive exploding variety. All this mayhem was available for the bargain price of two dollars. NFS-Carbon-Cover.jpeg?resize=618%2C348' alt='Carbon Collectors 1.3 Patch' title='Carbon Collectors 1.3 Patch' />The Sims 3 is the third installment of The Sims franchiseseries. Its creation was confirmed on. Rex Research established 1982 collects and disseminates reports about suppresseddormantemerging science, inventions, technologies, experiments, and. Carbon Collectors 1.3 Patch' title='Carbon Collectors 1.3 Patch' />Carbon Collectors 1.3 PatchSWING WING. The Transogram Company had been producing mainstream toys such as Tiddlywinks and doctors kits since 1. Windows 7 Usb/Dvd Tool For Mac Os. Then one day in 1. Swing Wing. Nothing says fun like a cerebral hemorrhage, so Swing Wing was eventually pulled from the market, leaving kids searching for a new fun way to get their spinal injuries on. SLIP N SLIDEWham O introduced the Slip N Slide in 1. The idea was to cool off and have fun at the same time by running up to and then belly flopping down on a water slicked strip of vinyl. Wham O sold millions of Slip N Slides over the years, and if a kid broke a toe on one of the stakes that secured the mat to the ground or left most of their epidermis on the driveway because they slid too far, well, as Mom always said, Its your own fault, dont come crying to me. It wasnt until the more litigious 1. Slip N Slide instruction sheet. WATER WIGGLE. It looked innocent enough, but if your neighborhood had good water pressure and some joker turned the hose on full blast, Wham Os Water Wiggle turned into a semi lethal weapon. It danced and bobbed erratically, and could wrap around you like a boa constrictor. And that plastic head was heavy But bloody noses and chipped teeth were a small price to pay for some summertime fun. JOHNNY SEVEN ONE MAN ARMY. No wonder kids today get into so much troubleits those consarned video games theyre always playing. Nothing but shooting and street fighting and an overall culture of violence. Not like the toys of the 1. Back then we had wholesome products like the Johnny Seven One Man Army, which was the biggest selling toy for boys in 1. Johnny Seven came equipped with a cap pistol, rocket launcher, and armor piercing bullets, along with a few other features necessary for stopping Communism dead in its tracks. Johnny Seven weighed about four pounds fully assembled, so a kid got a good aerobic workout when he ran around toting one outside in the fresh air and sunshine. Topper Toys used a unique tactic to give Johnny Seven maximum exposure instead of only stocking it in toy and department stores, they also made it available in grocery stores, a place mom usually dragged her kids to at least once per week. CREEPY CRAWLERS. An exposed hot plate combined with potentially toxic fumes equaled fun in 1. The Thing Maker was a gadget you plugged in and then waited until it heated up to 3. F. Then you poured Plasti Goop into the creepy insect shaped metal molds and waited for them to heat set. Ideally, you were supposed to wait until after youd unplugged the Thing Maker and it had cooled off before removing your Creepy Crawlers, but who has time for that when you want to put a fake spider in your sisters bed before she turns in Burns and blisters were a fact of life in the plastic bug business, and you simply sprayed the injury with some Bactine and hid it from Mom so she wouldnt take your Thing Maker away. Plasti Goop was marketed as non toxic, but that was in 1. PVC and lead paint were generally known. WHAM O AIR BLASTER. Wham O introduced the Air Blaster gun in 1. It turned out that some kids werent content to just blow out birthday candles long distance they were pointing their Air Blaster right against their friends ears to see what happened. Permanent damage was the answer. Those same pranksters also discovered that any object that could fit into the muzzle could also be shot with missile like force. You know what they say, its all fun and games until someone figures out how to use their Air Blaster as a flamethrower. WHAM O WHEELIE BAR. The lack of protective helmets in this commercial is understandable, since they werent readily available at the time. But barefoot kids popping wheelies, riding no handed, and performing daredevil stunts like standing on the seat One has to wonder whether Wham O held stock in some urgent care clinic chain. SUPER ELASTIC BUBBLE PLASTIC. Surprise We have yet another entry from those folks at Wham O. This time the fun was contained inside a metal toothpaste like tube filled with a colorful liquid y plastic y substance. You squeezed out a tiny glob of the stuff, rolled it into a tiny ball, and then plopped it onto the end of a plastic straw, which was included. Then you blew into the straw to create a multi colored sphere that was more durable than a soap bubble, but a bit more fragile than a traditional balloon. The drawback was that one of the main ingredients in Super Elastic Bubble Plastic was ethyl acetate, a solvent used in nail polish remover. Combine that with polyvinyl acetate, the other primary component, and kids were exposed to some serious health risks if they happened to inhale too much while inflating their plastic bubbles. WITCH DOCTOR HEAD SHRINKER KIT. Who knows exactly what chemicals made up the plastic flesh that progressively shrunk over the span of 2. Given the time period the late 1. But what about the other inherent danger involved Say you, as a kid, taking advantage of the assurance in the commercial that homemade shrunken heads were appropriate for all occasions Would Mom smack the heck out of you after Grandma nearly collapsed when she unwrapped the shrunken head birthday present youd made for herBONUS GILBERT U 2. ATOMIC ENERGY LABIm sort of sneaking this one in, as I dont know if it was ever advertised on television, but its too good to pass up. In 1. 95. 1 A. C. Gilbert, the man who invented the Erector Set, introduced a brand new educational toy the Gilbert U 2. Atomic Energy Lab. Gilbert worked closely with physicists at M. I. T. while developing the kit, and also had the unofficial approval of the U. S. government, which thought that such a toy would help the average American understand the benefits of nuclear energy. The Lab came equipped with a Geiger Mueller radiation counter, a Wilson cloud chamber to see paths of alpha particles, a spinthariscope to see live radioactive disintegration, four samples of Uranium bearing ores, and an electroscope to measure radioactivity. It also included a comic book featuring Dagwood Bumstead the man who couldnt leave his own house without knocking the mailman down describing how to split an atom. The Atomic Energy Labs main drawback, other than possible radiation poisoning, was its price tag a whopping 4.