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House floor plans architectural design services. Athena Cad Software there. Since 2. 01. 0 I designed few hundred houses from personal interest hobby training as well for various customers. Here I show samples of my best house designs in low resolution on all continents. High resolution drawings are for sale. Car Parking Drawing Autocad' title='Car Parking Drawing Autocad' />Contact me via LIVE CHAT or leave a comment whenever you want to purchase PDF DWG files of past projects, or to design new custom floor plans. Free chat consultation is OK but if you request new floor plans to be drawn, I have the right to charge money. DO NOT make requests if you cannot pay, look only at low resolution samples shown on website. What would be better for YOU than a house designed specially for YOU I design custom floor plans according your needs starting at 2. Detailed drawings, including elevations, sections, 3. D design, etc start at 1. See all of the latest parking lot layouts from CAD Pro software. Offers material handling equipment, bulk material handling equipments, hydraulic equipment, drum equipments, ladders, platform trucks, aluminum ladder, platform. Marla House Plans, 5 Marla House Plans including first floor and second floor, 5 Marla house plans in pakistan, 5 Marla plans. Simple Car Shed Designs What Is Shared Nursing Leadership Simple Car Shed Designs How To Build A Shed Roof Patio Cover How To Build A Wood Casket. General plane of car parking. Description General plane of car parking. Type. free. ID. 33104. Car Parking Drawing Autocad' title='Car Parking Drawing Autocad' />Free Blueprint Drawing How To Make A Deck Railing With Lattice Free Blueprint Drawing 16 X 20 Mirror Frameless How To Build Corrugated Metal Shed. Does your drawing have holy hatches Some of the drawings I work on have these annoying outlineremnants of objects that have been moved or deleted. Car Parking Drawing Autocad' title='Car Parking Drawing Autocad' />People from all countries are welcome But there is a note for India customers. Other architects and students in final year are invited for potential collaboration Phlippines house for JUNDo you dream a 4 bedroom house but you own just 7. No problem at Teoalida Design My clients property was 4. I designed in Auto. CAD a masterpiece in terms of space efficiency, 8. The client wanted a minimalist modern style without decorations, the 3. D design is ugly in my opinion, but he was happy. Made in December 2. Nigeria narrow house 5 bedroom 3. My client had a narrow lot 8. Bedrooms facing front and sides but not to rear to avoid afternoon sun. Before beginning to do 3D drawing, you must learn CAD fundamentals and computer aided drafting. What type of computer and software is needed to get started Answers. AutoCAD Arquitectura Projects for 30 250. I am looking for an architect engineer to make a four story car parking in a building. The typical floor plan of the. Browsing Parking, Category projects, Page 1. Desplante Estacionamento Shopping Plaza. Type free. There is a fashion in Nigeria to build houses made from a mix of cubes in vibrant colors, upper floor in overhang to create a more interesting shape. Contacted me in March 2. June 2. 01. 6. African modernity 5 bedroom 2. My client from Uganda wanted an extravagant house different than what is common in his country houses with pitched roof. A modern house with large balconies and roof terrace, he insisted the house to be rectangular I initially disagreed with this, modern houses should have complex shapes. Car Parking Drawing Autocad' title='Car Parking Drawing Autocad' />Car Parking Drawing AutocadLot size 2. I designed the small bedrooms to be facing north and south and added balcony on west side to cover the sun, master bedroom is again facing south but also have windows on east side to get morning sun. The actual project will have metal balcony rail instead of glass. CAD design in April 2. House design for north facing lot in Europe. In temperate countries from Northern Europe, people try to get as much sun heat is possible, thus south facing lots are sold at a premium price. However my customer lot was facing north, but this did not turned into a problem in making a beautiful floor plan in Auto. CAD. Requirements 3 bedroom garage in about 1. Terrace Modern 3. Luxury house design in 6 meter frontage, 4 storey terraced house, which works also as semi detached house. Do you want more luxury features With 1. Designed in February 2. Inspired from SingaporeNotice how I mixed each 3 color group red green blue yellow cyan magenta Home for Shwan IraqShwan from Iraq was one of my first paying customers. I provided a high detailed, fully dimensioned architecture drawings, elevation and cross section, and as he wanted, I delivered in PDF format 6 sheets for printing on A4 paper. Credits to customer for the idea of Arab style floor plan, very different compared with the styles that I was familiarized with he provided me a scanned paper with a shitty sketch and I converted it into a beautiful by law drawing. Designed in June 2. Photo of his home from May 2. He slightly deviated from my project, to make the facade more massive. Terrace Classic 2. Luxury multi family housing complex, 3 storey terraced houses with basement parking and neoclassic facade, which works also as semi detached houses. This, together with Semi Detached Mixed, were first houses from 2. Auto. CAD for artistic purpose no specific customer. One year later I decided to continue the project, by arranging the houses in a Condo style with 8. Complex size 1. 00 x 1. House design inspired from Singapore Shotgun house, narrow semi detached house. Shotgun house is originating from New Orleans and common in south states from 1. They can be found both detached and semi detached double barrel shotgun house. In August 2. 01. 4 I got a customer in Nigeria who wanted to build 2 units of semi detached in a 6. I designed for him in Auto. CAD a sketch inspired from American shotgun homes, improved with hallways. Customer said that will come back in a week and pay for complete project but this never happened. Got a personal interest for this type of house to publish it on website, so I improved the sketch, adding a 4th bedroom in front, making it 5 meters wide and 2. In 2. 01. 6 I further lengthened it to 2. Auto. CAD 3. D model voluntarily. Split level house 1. Example of split level home with 3 bedroom, 2 bath, garage, and minimum of hallways, being 7 meters wide is probably a good home plan for narrow lots with 1. I made this house model in Auto. CAD for a friend from Romania in 2. I visited several years ago, for my customer I improved it by adding en suite bath and balcony. Philippines Townhouse Series 3. In December 2. 01. I made a sketch for a filipino customer intending to build 4 rowhouses on 2. For publishing on website I redesigned his sketch into smaller houses to show you how is possible to build 3 bedroom townhouse with carport in only 6. NOT suitable as single family home on 5 meter wide plots, a column will be needed in other side of carport too, reducing carport width to 2. Toyota Corolla are now 1. Houses built in pairs will have 5. Feb 2. 01. 3 I also tried a single storey version, inspired from this house, smallest and shittest house plan I ever saw In November 2. I designed a 4 bedroom house for JUN supposedly having a 5x. Then he realized that his land size is 4. I turned the original sketch into a 3. D artistic project, beside that I designed 3 additional floor plans in various sizes and compiled all 5 plans in a single image A common problem in Philippines is that many cheap houses use back to back typology, suffer from poor ventilation and lacks a washing area. The townhouses designed by me still back to back feature washing area lanai at rear, so cross ventilation is possible. Terrace Airwells 2. Medium luxury 3 storey terrace housing development with 45 bedrooms plus family room and an extra maid room guest room at first floor, postmodernist facades, gabled roof with 1 2 pitch, gross floor area 2. I do not know why, but this good feature is a rarely seen and swimming pool. Arranged in clusters of 3. Inspired from Singapore and MalaysiaDesigned in Auto. CAD for artistic purpose in November 2. House for my own family. This is a modern remade of the house proposed by me when I was 1. Original design had the floor plan partially flipped to reduce costs, garage under bedrooms and bathroom near kitchens, so a single vertical pipe served all 5, and it did not included furniture planning. During my childhood I liked making symmetrical houses with central balconies and place as many rooms is possible facing street. The dream never came true high land prices forced us to continue living in our two apartments. European Houses 9. In March 2. 01. 2 I redesigned in Auto. CAD 2 of my 2. 01.