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Art Of Murder Fbi Confidential No Cd Patch' title='Art Of Murder Fbi Confidential No Cd Patch' />COINTELPRO Intelligence Activities and the Rights of Americans. Laura writes from Peterborough, Ontario My uncle is an amateur operator. I lived in western Canada for years and its a wonderful place to paint and make art. Get the latest breaking news across the U. S. on ABCNews. com. The US State Departments office in South Korea has not immediately returned Gizmodos request for comment. We will update this post when they do. Auteur E Deel Ebook here. Art Of Murder FBI Confidential Cracks and best game fixes you can find on crackpcgames. You can play Art Of Murder FBI Confidential without the CD in the Drive. A-fbi-confidential-screenshot.jpg' alt='Art Of Murder Fbi Confidential No Cd Patch' title='Art Of Murder Fbi Confidential No Cd Patch' />PC Game Fixes No CD Patches A Index Game. Art Of Murder Fbi Confidential No Cd Patch' title='Art Of Murder Fbi Confidential No Cd Patch' />Karol Madera VE7. KFM, Liar, Pedophile, Fraud. Karol Florian Madera, Saanich British Columbia. Karol Florian Madera, of 3. Tillicum Road, Saanich BC, V9. A 2. B3, is delusional, and a pathological liar. Hes been described as a psychopath by several psychotherapists, a social worker, and a psychiatrist. His hours long rants have been accurately described as schizophrenic, obscene, profane, antisemitic, misogynistic, homophobic, pedophilic, sado masochistic, racist, supportive of Islamic radical terrorism, and Nazi inspired. A dozen supporters of this deranged fool have recently migrated away from 2. Although the Do. J has rejected cases against Maderas detractors, Madera continues to parrot deprecated allegations, willfully ignoring truth and reality while amply demonstrating why he was dismissed by the Victoria Real Estate Board, not allowed to practice law by the British Columbia Law Society, and why he is perennially under investigation and the utter laughingstock of Canadian, and indeed, world wide amateur radio. Report Karol Maderas incitement of violence, repeated luring of children, and his admission of stabbing Lindsay Buziak. Received via email Karol entertained the troops especially the young ones while at RRMC and also at the nearby YMCA, at 8. Broughton Street in Victoria. He was well known around Victoria as a lively and possibly too adventurous homosexual, but this was all in the days before AIDS came to Canada. Karol was considered a sensitive youth as named in our school yearbook and he was extremely ill suited to a career in the military. Art Of Murder Fbi Confidential No Cd Patch' title='Art Of Murder Fbi Confidential No Cd Patch' />Art Of Murder Fbi Confidential No Cd PatchKarol botched his engineering project badly mis manufacturing a cannon that could have killed someone and he became the laughing stock of his class, and the butt of frequent and hurtful Polak jokes from his fellow classmates. Matter of fact, you can see Karols yearbooks here for 1. Remember, it was a two year college, not accredited or able to offer a 4 year degree in those days. Karol was so sick of the incessant Polak jokes, he began pretending he was Spanish, and hed sometimes even introduce himself as a foreign student from Spain. Often hed invent girlfriends in other towns, conveniently whom no one had ever met, bragging about their big hooters and his sexual escapades. His behaviour toward women proved he could never be an officer. His braggadocio was all an obvious cover up for his real sexual preferences and nobody believed him, of course. Sometimes Karol would even dress up and go hitch hiking, lying to the men who picked him up, telling them that he was a commissioned officer This would have gotten him kicked out of RR instantly, but he actually seemed to enjoy lying. Reality didnt apply to life where Karol was concerned. He always made it up as he went along. School was like a big game of dress up for Karol, although he did study more than most of the boys, because he always had a chip on his shoulder like he had something to prove. I think we all knew he was queer, but we overlooked it, except for one or two of the upperclassmen who teased him mercilessly. Ironically, Royal Roads is now a veritable haven for homosexuals, but not when Karol and I attended. Karol was an actor at school, mostly playing womens roles known as breeches parts, earning the appelation A. D. C. amateur dramatist club. He made the yearbook committee scrub his roles from our yearbooks, saying his father wouldnt understand. Most of us thought his father understood all too well. In fact, there was a particularly salacious rumour that Karols father had raped Karols first and only girlfriend, impregnating her, until she obtained an abortion. Karol never actually consummated a sexual act with a female, as far as we knew, so perhaps her relationship with Karols father was consensual Truth be told, Karol would come to the cast parties, still dressed in womens clothes, constantly prattling on about cocksucking and rimjobs, and at Halloween, you could be sure Karol would be the one dressed in drag. Unfortunately, Karol became ashamed of his acting after he was outed as a homosexual while working at the Victoria Real Estate Board. He was absolutely furious at his partner for outing him, and sometime in the summer of 1. Madera tried to sue the VREB on the basis that he was actually heterosexual and they were all picking on him somehow. He stopped going to the bath house temporarily and he canceled his membership at the YMCA, where hed spend hours with a variety of men, nearly every day. Most of us were on the island for school, but Karol stayed on the island for the gay lifestyle. The southern tip of the island is known as the San Francisco of Canada. Strange place for an unmarried man approaching 7. He lost the sexuality suit, of course. These days you might classify him as a closeted, self loathing homosexual, but back then we called him queer, artistic, sensitive, and odd, when we were feeling kind. Karols claims were frankly unbelievable according to all of the witnesses against him. Of course, at school, we all knew Karol was as Queer as a three dollar bill, but we never held it against him. As his anger and alcoholism progressed, Karol became known as a habitual liar with a violent temper, and as such, he lost any chance of a career in the military. He eventually obtained a license to sell real estate, but he was ousted from the real estate board due to his out of control behavior and threats. He studied law, but he wasnt allowed to join the law society due to the threats, dishonesty, racism, lies, his temper, growing mental illness, and a variety of other issues making him wholly unsuitable to ever hold a position as an officer of the court. Since about 1. 99. Karols stewed in an alcoholic and narcotic fueled frenzy of self loathing and threats against others. He was in a ferry accident ironic, I know and he hurt his neck. I believe it was the Queen of Saanich, but I cant remember for certain. Aadhar Card By Name Only more. Since then, Karols behavior has gone downhill, with increasing use of narcotics and frequent bouts of drunkeness, anger, and his incipient mental illness, hes become an unfortunate caricature of himself. Those of us who grew up with him have watched him take a very self destructive path for years, and were actually in awe that hes still alive given his unhealthy lifestyle, and his drug and alcohol abuse. Weve pretty much given up on the hope that hell seek help, but I thought you might like to hear about Karol from the perspective of those of us who knew him when. John Jamieson, Royal Roads, 1. For an Opposing Viewpoint Please see Karol Maderas Webpagehttp members. Artists and Architects Call for Karol Maderas Removal. Mark writes from Columbia Graduate School of Architecture, New York City My uncles a ham radio operator, and I have to say, Im appalled by some of the things Ive heard from Karol Madera. I have many gay friends and I dont support gay bashing or homophobia. I dont support anti semitism or Islamic radicalism and as a student in New York, its frightening that Karol Madera has called for dirty bomb attacks to be staged from the Empire State Building. Anyone who would do that kind of thing is seriously mentally disturbed and I cant endorse it. Please ask Canadian authorities to remove Karol Madera from the airwaves. Thank You. Laura writes from Peterborough, Ontario My uncle is an amateur operator. I lived in western Canada for years and its a wonderful place to paint and make art.