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V6r7WiNHoc/V9HwM23MLVI/AAAAAAAABjA/cozTEihE8rkn-_Dut4iPJP-l3SWxls-qwCLcB/w1200-h630-p-k-no-nu/Fleetwood%2BMac%2B-%2BTango%2BIn%2Bthe%2BNight%2B-%2B1987.jpg' alt='Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe Deluxe Edition Blogspot' title='Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe Deluxe Edition Blogspot' />Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe Deluxe Edition BlogspotALIAS EYE are a five piece German outfit who self produced a 3 track EP in 2. DVS Records who signed them for a first official album a year later. The bands core line up is Phillip Griffiths on vocals son of Martin Griffiths of BEGGARS OPERA, who sounds just like him, Vytas Lemke on keyboards, Matthias Richter on electric and acoustic guitars, Frank Fischer on bass and Ludwig Benedek on drums. Among their influences, they name the BEATLES, PINK FLOYD, JETHRO TULL, SPOCKS BEARD, DREAM THEATER and even a few classics BACH and BEETHOVEN. Consequently, their music is much varied and ranges from rock, pop and funk to jazz and classical. The EP Beyond the Mirror is mostly keyboard piano oriented and something of a blend of AOR and modern prog. A fine effort but not nearly as effective as their first official cd Field of Names, which also features 4 guest musicians. Install Ultravnc Viewer Only Command Line more. This one boasts an amazingly clear, dynamic production and a professionalism that immediately impresses the listener. The musicianship is tight and technically faultless, yet it is the catchy melodies that really stand out. However, their third release Different Point of You also featuring guest musicians is the one that truly bears the name progressive. Just about every track on it is totally different, yet the listener recognizes a typical ALIAS EYE sound throughout. Layered keyboards, lush vocal harmonies, some killer sax, bluesy guitar solos, groovy jazzy piano pieces reminiscent of Donald Fagan, rhythmic rock songs, even a prog metal solo all these and more combine into a veritable Disneyland of contemporary styles. It does walk a fine line between pop and prog but it never sounds cheap or commercial. This material has such a wide appeal that I would recommend it to any music lover remotely into blues, jazz and of course prog. Fans of the more adventurous, free form eccentricities, however, may find it interesting although not challenging enough. Lise Hibou, CANADA. English Progressive Rock. Recent Changes to the Play List 0. Two CDs were added to the list this time around. From Germany, I believe, comes Kraan. This is the remastered version of their self titled CD. More interesting is a CD I received from http www. The CD is called Original Syn by The Syn. This 6. 0s band featured among others Chris Squire and Peter Banks. It is somewhat dated, but very interesting to listen to. As of 2. 00. 5, The Syn have reunited and the one new song on this CD is very good. For more info, click on either of the links in this paragraph. Enjoy. 0. 1 1. 6 2. So. There are a few changes on the web site and maybe more soon. The progarm I use to put the latest songs played was broken by Live. December, so for now you will have to go to the station to see what is playing. Ive got a bunch of music for you though. I finally gave in and put up Dark Side of the Moon. But just for fun, I also put up The Sections interpretation of the CD. The Section is an amazing string quartet that has done many, but not all, of the String Quartet Tributes that you may have seen at the CD store. For more info on The Section Quartet, go to http www. Also, we have new music from Gil Amran. You can find out more about Gil by going to http www. And last but not least, a very big thank you to Joris who sent me Alquins combined CD, Marks Mountain Queen. So more Alquin for everyone. Thank you all for listening and writing. Great Movies with the Best Soundtracks. Todos ns do Valvulado temos uma verdadeira fissura por trilhas sonoras. J discutimos muito sobre isso. Enjoy the music. 1. Lots of straightforward classic prog rock this time around. Much of this should have been added long ago. Along with Close to the Edge Ive also added Yessongs both obviously from Yes. Also, as new as Ill probably ever get with Genesis, weve got Trick of the Tale the first non Peter Gabriel album. Just before he became the king of ambient music, Brian Eno released a brilliant album called Before and After Science. And finally we have Peter Hammills attempt to be a rocker in Nadirs Big Chance. As always, enjoy. I/614YSSzTpJL._SR600%2C315_PIWhiteStrip%2CBottomLeft%2C0%2C35_PIAmznPrime%2CBottomLeft%2C0%2C-5_PIStarRatingFOURANDHALF%2CBottomLeft%2C360%2C-6_SR600%2C315_ZA(14%20Reviews)%2C445%2C286%2C400%2C400%2Carial%2C12%2C4%2C0%2C0%2C5_SCLZZZZZZZ_.jpg' alt='Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe Deluxe Edition Blogspot' title='Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe Deluxe Edition Blogspot' />Just Offshore is a new band that brings back the days of Tangerine Dream. Most of their current CD has been added to the play list. Enjoy. Coming soon More Genesis, Hammill, Eno and Jethro Tull Live. Some new material this time around. MUSo8GXsWh4/WXUJf4VlFfI/AAAAAAABKp8/3K-W7al1dfMlDzltf82E5p-Ae_YtljwTwCLcBGAs/s1600/Music%2BTo%2BCrash%2BYour%2BCar%2BTo%252C%2BVol.%2B2%2B%2528Box%2BSet%2B2004%2529.jpg' alt='Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe Deluxe Edition Blogspot' title='Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe Deluxe Edition Blogspot' />Marina Belica from October Project has put a beautiful CD of instrumentals called One Sky. A little beautiful music never hurt anyone. Jordan Rudess have a new CD called Rhythm of Time. His band includes Joe Satriani, Kip Winger, Rod Morgenstein, Steve Morse, Vinnie Moore, Dave La. Rue and Greg Howe. By popular demand, Ive added Argus from Wishbone Ash. More coming soon. Im not a huge fan of the current crop of prog rock bands, but some of them are just brilliant. Ozric Tentacles is one of those bands. O Red Hot Chili Peppers tem seu embrio e seu feto desde 1979, nos intervalos entre aulas da Fairfax High School, em Hollywood, Los Angeles. I love the new Spirals In Hyperspace CD and it fits with the 7. Hawkwind is, uhmmm, well I like to think of them as the Grand Funk Railroad of prog rock. They dont get a lot of respect, but they have always had a strong fan base. You decide for yourself with this best of collection Ive uploaded. And finally, even more Renaissance, from their Ashes Are Burning CDalbum. A special thank you goes out to all of you who have written requesting bands. Some of the stuff is hard to get, and some is just expensive. But I keep the lists and will get to as much as I can. Thank you all for listening. Once again, a bunch of music to add to the stream. By request Ive added Contrappunti from le orme. I came across a Live Al Stewart with a couple of old classics. Missing from this stream for some reason has been the other great English folk band, Fairport Convention. Even as just a folk band, Richard Thompsons guitar playing is right up there with most of the guitarists on this stream. And speaking of folk, I came across a live concert from Steeleye Span. Steve Morse is another great guitar player. His latest CD, Major Impacts 2 is a group of songs that are based on bandsartists who have influenced him. I think this new music fits very nicely with the 7. And speaking of Steve, I came across a 7. King Biscuit conert featuring the Dixie Dregs. So plenty of great soloing music for you all. Another request Pink Floyds Atom Heart Mother. Enjoy. 1. 2 2. 6 0. Its catch up time. Ive added lots of music, new and old to the stream today. First up, I hope you like Peter Hammill. Ive added Van Der Graafs The Quiet ZoneThe Pleasure Dome and a Peter Hammill double Live CD called Room Temperature Live. Then there is Renaissance. I picked up a King Biscuit session and a pre Annie Haslem CD. The Renaissance CD is their first and the musicians were what was left of the Yardbirds. All of them left the band after the 2nd CD. Somehow the band name continued though. And theres more. A couple Brian Eno CDs Taking Tiger Mountain and Here Come the Warm Jets have been added. The Strawbs releasing an acoustic CD. Weve got it, plus a couple extra songs from Bursting at the Seams. Then there is Jethro Tulls Living in the Past. And thats just the old music. Now, for the new stuff. Weve got MVP which includes Allan Holdsworth on guitar, Terry Bozzio Billy Sheehan, Niacin Live, Adam West with Rama. All excellent new material. As always, I hope you enjoy all or at least some of the music. Happy New Year. bruce. Okay, I know that Pink Floyd is an important part of the progressive movement of the 7. The thing is they are so popular that I felt they were a bit overplayed. But I just cant keep them off the stream any longer. My personal favorite PF CD is Meddle, and you will find all of it on the stream. Enjoy. 1. 1 0. 3 0. Soul Food Season 1 Torrent Download. We got some new music from Greg Howe Victor Wooten Dennis Chambers. Its a CD called Extraction and is in the jazzprog rock vein. It may remind you, at times, of Allen Holdsworth and Bill Bruford. At least it reminded me. As always, enjoy. First a bit of web stuff. You will notice that some of the links to send me mail say, englishprog at gdrmusic dot com, instead of the actual email address. The reason for this is to help reduce the amount of spam I get. In a new EBook by respected PC journalist, Brian Livingston, much of todays spam comes from bots that harvest email address from web pages. The ebook is short but an eye opening read. You can get your own copy here. And speaking of links, all of my links to Tower Records have gone bad. I need to fix them, but. Okay, on to the music. Just one today. By request Ive added a double CD from Marillion called Real to ReelBrief Encounter. Enjoy. 1. 0 0. 1 0. I was in Austin last month and had the chance to spend a couple of hours at Waterloo Records. I was pleasantly surprised at the prog stuff they had in the used section. On the heading better late then never, Yes Tales from Topographic Oceans. Next thing you know Ill be adding Pink Floyd. On a very classicprog rock note, I also picked up Traffics live CD On the Road. Besides the wonderful 1. Low Spark. there is also a 2. GladFreedom Rider. I was surprised when I listened to King Crimsons Lizard. I really do not remember listening to this album when I was younger. It has a very classical feel to it. And finally, from America I found a combined CD of Frank Zappas Apostrophe and Overnight Sensation. I felt we really needed a bit of Frank to mix things up a bit. Hope you all enjoy this music, and please feel free to write me at. More new music to spice things up I promise there is more 7. Any resemblance Soft Works CD Abracadabra has to Soft Machine is intentional.